What you are looking at above is a photograph by J. Henry Fair, taken at a height of 1000′ above the earth from a small plane. It is, at first glance, a beautiful composition and it attracts your attention, like a stunning contemporary painting.  Then

when you read the title of photograph you have to stop for a moment and question what you read and re-read it again.

Oil from BP Macondo well blowout on Gulf of Mexico

Waste lagoons at large industrial hog farms


J. Henry Fair is renown for beautiful photographs of ecological destruction and disasters. He focuses on the devastation wrought to the environment by oil refineries, paper mills, industrialized farming methods, coal mining practices, and natural gas drilling practices.


His obsession with photographing  the destruction caused by these industries to the natural environment  is motivated by his belief that in this manner he can communicate to the world how our dependency on petroleum, coal, paper products and industrialized farming is eroding and basically killing us and the earth we live on.


Combustion waste at electricity generation station

Fair’s goal is to develop a sense of “what are we doing out there and why” in everyone. After you have looked at some of his photographs I think you will be hard pressed not to support his efforts, or at least start thinking about his point of view.

Dragon shape in phosphate fertilizer mining waste

Hog waste sprayed in wetlands suffocates all life forms


His work is loaded with scientific facts making his photography all the more powerful and compelling:

*”Eleven percent of the world’s fresh water goes to make paper.”

*”Over 500 mountains and a million acres of Appalachian old-growth forest have been decimated by mountaintop removal,”

*”…(hog) waste includes water dribbled as the pigs drink, urine, pesticides… sprayed on the pigs, fecal matter, stillborn fetuses, and uneaten food particles.”


Liquid and solid waste from coal plants

His recently published book, “The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis”, is a collection of these brilliant abstract images and a testament to his devotion to his cause.  It is a spellbinding volume, encouraging one and all to think twice about how they can mold the world of the future by what they choose to purchase today.




I thoroughly urge you to check this book out online.  You will be completely impressed with the ravishing photography, as you will be about the important message behind it.