Across the street from my office is a tiny story packed to the gills with every imaginable light bulb that you could possible dream of…and  thensome.  The store is called Just Bulbs and

that is all they sell there…just bulbs!


photo 11




Do not go there for any other electrical lighting needs…they won’t have them.  Yesterday I made the mistake of stopping in there for a dimmer switch and the owner of the store looked me straight in the face and said, “Just bulbs,”…I had to laugh.


photo 12


But if you are thinking of putting any kind of a decorative light bulb in a lighting fixture or lamp than this is the place to find just the perfect one. It is almost impossible to navigate the store there is so much inventory. However, there is a cheerful and pleasant staff that will eagerly and efficiently find just the product you are searching for.


photo 14


Please don’t think this is a place to visit only for exotic lighting.  This is my go to place just for the everyday garden variety bulbs I use in my client’s lamps.  It is also a place you can find decorative outdoor lights for a garden or patio or for some festive outdoor event. AND don’t forget the holidays…Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays…I think you get the picture.


photo 13


I don’t think I realized exactly how many different variety of bulbs existed in this world. The shelves are simply packed!  But then, how many different different types of lighting fixtures exist in this world…innumerable types for commercial application or residences or for theatrical presentations.  There is even that bulb needed for a refrigerator or an oven or a flashlight…the list goes on and on.


photo 7


AND let’s not forget about all those new fangled ‘green’ bulbs that are  taking over for our traditional ones. AND how about all of the LED bulbs?  I think you get the picture.




What I want to emphasize is that this is a terrific designer “under the radar” source that  people, not in the design industry, are totally unaware of …and they should be. In this busy world where we have more to do than we have time to do it, knowing about a place to find just what you need is ideal.  I’m all for one stop shopping when it comes to bulbs!


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!