There I was dashing off to check out a wonderful furniture haunt in Manhattan, LOBEL MODERN ( more to follow about them in a later blog ) on Bond Street, in the quasi-fashionable NOHO area of downtown, when I took a quick detour before entering the store and decided to smell the proverbial roses of NYC. That’s how it is when you live in a fabulous city like NYC where you are always rushing about. You forget how really interesting every neighborhood is, and can frequently miss some of the exciting architectural structures  and touches which are everywhere.

Across the street was the fabuloso luxury residence building  40 BOND designed by the Swiss architectural firm HERZOG & DE MEURON and  completed under the direction of the infamous entrepreneur IAN SCHRAGER. I was literally stopped in my tracks with the creativity and ingenuity that went into the architecture of this building.  It is one of the most exciting  buildings I have ever seen…especially considering it is a NYC condominium! It’s cast aluminum gates are joyous and reminiscent of Gaudi’s free form designs in Barcelona.  They look like someone  sprayed them haphazardly out of some humungous pastry funnel while they were decorating a wild contemporary wedding cake.

The 11-story facade of  cast glass the color of  “Coca-Cola green” is composed of bold vertical and horizontal pieces  surrounding the over-sized windows. And the front door entrance  with its double height, abstractly etched mirror glass  molded panels..makes you feel  like you are walking into an adult Wonderland.

No detail has gone unturned.  Even the sidewalk in front of the building has been artistically executed in the fashion of an abstract painting, completing the architectural story. How unexpected…how fun…how wonderful…how New York City!

I turn to walk back across the street to my original destination with a big smile on my face. There is not a minute in NYC that goes by without some wonderful discovery, some inspiration for a project, some expansion of the mind.  I guess that is what keeps me here…

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!