In the spirit of mixing it up, I want to bring to your attention a terrific resource for handicrafts from around the world. They all are obtainable at a great web site called L’aviva Homeand you will be more than pleasantly surprised by the retail prices associated with the various items.

Turkish Pendant Light

I was first introduced to L’aviva Home by my daughter-in-law, who is a whiz at finding great sources for me to investigate for Dezignlicious.

I like her perspective because she’s younger…one must always defer to the power of youth…and lives in California…west coast perspective against my east coast perspective. AND i must admit she has a God given talent for locating cool web sites outside of the typical interior design pathways.


Alpaca Frazada Pillows

Knowing how much I adore ethnic furnishings and accessories she passed this one on to me a few weeks ago. FYI, my home is filled with different artisan creations from around the world.  So, I was immediately impressed with the extensive variety of wares offered by L’Aviva Home, tons of super ideas to fill up many a dezign book!

Their emphasis is on textile pieces: rugs, pillows, throws, blankets and other items made by hand. They also have cowhide and lambswool products and a handful of highly attractive lighting fixtures that would add just the right sparkle and twinkle to any room.

Temoyan Blankets

Their merchandise is stylish, colorful and good looking. Plus, I am simply in love with the business statement on their web site:

“…(our)collections reflect the belief that the things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose beyond mere decoration: they should help us connect to the world.”

I think that just sums it up perfectly and completely  explains why I find  the products on the the site so appealing.

You will find stunning creations from Mexico, Bolivia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Mongolia, Brazil, Cameroon and then some.  It’s like shopping in the veritable UN of handicrafts!

I think you’ll enjoy strolling through their site, …it’s really put together so beautifully…and I’d bet money that you will find at least one attractive pillow, blanket, rug, or light that will find its way into your home!