Sometimes the smallest detail can make the biggest difference in interior design. I say this even though I am always preaching to  my clients that they should see the big picture, the “forest for the trees attitude,” if you understand what I mean. What I am trying to say is

that new design of the smallest items, in this case light switches and outlets, can turn the dial up just that little bit as to add a large degree of beauty to the overall presentation of a home.


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Recently I was introduced to Legrand ‘s new light switch collection, “adorne,” the ideal option for all of your light switch and outlet plates on your walls. There are a total of 32 wall plates selections, ranging from cast metals like Antique Bronze and Satin Nickel to real woods, leather and exquisite colors.




There are also brand new unprecendented methods of turning the lights on and off. For example, there are switches that respond to the wave of a hand (Wave Switch) and ones that use touch screen technology , much like the iPod (Touch Switch.)


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They also have one they call the Pop-out Outlet, which fits flush against the wall , and then can be ‘popped-out’ when needed.  AND this outlet is not a single outlet , but actually contains three outlets. How very clever is that?




The company claims that the new adorn devices can be easily exchanged for existing devices and require no new wiring.  If you are handy and take on your own home improvement tasks, you simply need a screwdriver to remove the old switch/outlet and likewise to install the new adorne device.  It all sounds just so simple and clean…almost too good to be true!


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The adorne system also offers a high tech modular track that you install under cabinets  that includes accessories like mobile phone docks and i Pad docks and speakers.  Talk about keeping abreast with what everyone wants to plug in while working in the kitchen or in your home office!  And the ‘puck lights’ associated with this track are LED, truly state of the art in the lighting world. Take a look at this quick video and I think you will give this new system a big thumbs up for the convenience factor it adds to working in the kitchen.



So check out this highly attractive new system.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised by it’s easy integration into your home and by the quality of upgrade it will be providing to you and your family and how you live in your home. As the people at Legrand say on the adorne web site, “It’s time for a switch!” or “Get plugged in!”


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!