Take a close look at the snowman above. He is no ordinary snowman. He is the work of  Tony Tassett, a notable contemporary artist, and aptly called “Snowman.” He is totally made of bronze (including those marvelous twig arms) and  is part of a outrageous private collection I was privileged to view.


“Technoplasm” by FC Sofia


I  had the good fortune to be invited to a lunch and private viewing arranged through the Museum of Arts and Design.This particular collection of  contemporary art sculptures and original craft pieces is superb, and probably unmatched in my eyes for it’s diversity.



“Half Dollar Butterfly Chair” by Johnny Swing

The apartment is all about art. It fills every room, and I mean every room. Matter of fact, many of the furnishings are art, and in many instances it is difficult to tell where the art stops and the furniture begins. But I simply loved this!


The art menu was extensive …from an abstract expressionist painting by Hans Hoffman to two canvases  (commissioned for an over sized living room wall ) created by Todd Pavlisko called “Double Head of Christ” and constructed out of pink plastic clothing tags construed to depict Jesus Christ.


“Balenciaga XL” by Antoine Bouillot


“Chandelier” by Todd Pavlisko

“Visual Vortex” by HC Berg


A collection like this does not happen in a day. What began as a small passion many years ago gradually developed into a major obsession, and turned collecting from an avocation into a vocation.The best part is that what was displayed that day was only a small part of the total collection which gets rotated periodically. I suppose I’ll just have to get another lunch invite to see some more!

I have selected but a few of the wonderful pieces in this private collection to show you . But I think the real message I walked away with was that when you become passionate  about living with art nothing can stop you!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!