For those of you lucky enough to be in NYC between the dates of September 11 through September  15 you MUST try and make it over to the Museum of Arts and Design located in Columbus Circle. You will be titillated and enthralled by

some of the most exciting new jewelry from around the world, all gathered together in one place for the fabulous LOOT 2012 exhibition and sale.

Marianne Anderson


Amanda Caines

This is an annual event at MAD (the acronym for the name of the museum) and one of my favorites. The curators of the LOOT committee have vetted jewelery designers from around the world and gathered  them all together for a four day show, the likes of which you will not be able to see again.  Those of you who already know about MAD, might even consider going to the opening night Gala, on September 10 in order to get the first look of all of the stupendous pieces that will be on display (see info .)

Kathleen Nowak Tucci

All of the jewelry is outstanding.  The artists range from new emerging talents to acclaimed jewelry artists, and you will get a chance to purchase the pieces directly from them. The designs incorporate non-precious and precious materials, always somehow reinterpreting how these materials can be utilized to reinvent the concept of jewelry as one may think of it.

Emmeline Hastings

Trust me, there will be something for everyone who admires contemporary jewelry, from the average jewelry afficionado all the way up to the serious collector. Besides, who doesn’t like to purchase a new piece of jewelery…there is always room for one more bauble or bangle in every woman’s wardrobe!

Axel Russmeyer

The prices start at $200 and go up to $12,000, with the average price for a fantastic piece of jewelry running about $1000.  The money raised at this sale will all go to support MAD’s exhibition and education programs. Also, this  year an award for outstanding contemporary jewelery will be given to the famous German contemporary jeweler, Axel Russmeyer.

This will be a great opportunity for you to educate yourself about what is happening out there in the great big world of jewelry design today and to adorn yourself with something beautiful and magical. I assure you that you will not be disappointed and will come away with having seen some of the most unusual jewelry in the world.  Plus, when you are done, you can don your new jewels and tour the rest of the exhibits at the museum, which are just as fantastic as the show!


BTW: The exciting zipper jewelery by Kate Cuszak (see post) will be on display at this exhibition. Do not miss it!