Do you consider yourself cool, hip and in need of the chicest downtown hotel?  Are you a lover of the “unstructured/ no frills/ eclectic look?  Well then, I have the place for you to stay here in New York City.

I had been hearing the buzz about the ACE HOTEL, and how it was fast becoming the hip spot to go for a drink or meet a good friend. Not being ultra hip, but always in need of knowing about everything that is the latest and greatest, I took a detour on my way back to the office. Okay,  “this is not your ordinary hotel”…no candelabras, no ultra suede banquets, no rich fabrics covering the chairs, no super elegant buzz. Everything looks like someone emptied out a warehouse of interesting American/ vintage ( sorta) furniture and filled up the space in one day.



This of course is not the truth. It’s on-purpose / un-dezign is the work of the currently hot dezign team in NYC, Roman & Williams. Interestingly enough, this team originally worked in the movie business, designing sets. And, there is definitely a bit of that feeling infusing the design, i.e., you are on a movie set.   However, without a doubt, any good designer takes his cues from life and what they do best.





During the day the lobby is filled with people using  electronic devices and drinking coffee or water…no gin and tonics here!  I was actually a little surprised when I walked in, what with all of the ” you gotta sees”, I wondered if I had come to the wrong hotel. The “everybody sitting around enjoying themselves in the company of people they didn’t know’ made me think of a big college library space!



The air is filled with casualness in every corner, some of it leaning on sophisticated kitsch.The funky additions all around…the wall of the staircase pasted with assorted hand drawn  black and white graffiti posters, the old photo booth in the lobby, the over sized, rusted  “A” (probably a Brimfield Antiques find …see earlier post of my experience there), the humongous American flag …have to make you smile.



The suites are done minimally and with an emphasis on practical. All of them have a refrigerator from Smeg, an expensive, but appropriate touch.  The designs are simple,  with a touch of flair in each room. No gorgeous marble bathrooms here.

Plus there is a bar in the lobby and often times music groups perform for the guests.  Now I think I am kinda getting into this groove!




HOT TIP: The ACE HOTEL prides itself on cheaper rates than other hotels, so  check it out.  It is definitely original and fresh, and I guarantee if you are traveling with teenagers, they will just love it!