If you are a jewelry nut like I am you will probably do cartwheels and hand flips when you see the magnificent rings designed by Turkish jeweler, Sevan Biçakçi.

Adjectives like spectacular, awe-inspiring, and breathtaking come to mind. I am sure you will agree when you see some of the photos of his creations.


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Some years ago I sailed the Turquoise Coast of Turkey in a big gulag with a bunch of friends of mine and was astounded by the beautiful Turkish jewelry  to be purchased in the small towns we docked at over night. The Turkish have been celebrated since Byzantine times for their jewelry, which utilizes complicated techniques  and ornate designs integrating cloisonné, intaglio carvings, filigree gold and fabulous gemstones and pearls.



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Biçakçi left school at 12 years of age in order to apprentice with a master goldsmith. After many years of learning how to master the ancient skills of fine jewelry making  he finally showcased his own designs in 2002 with a collection of 50 rings.



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These handcrafted rings have become what he is best known for and can often take as much as 18 months to produce. According to Biçakçi, “Rings are unique creatures—they tell the individuality of a women.” I buy into that!



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His main inspiration comes from Istanbul and its varied past and history: the mosaics, the Topkapi Palace, the water of the Bosphorus, the Grand Bazaar. He employs nearly 100 local artisans to complete his complicated designs with reverse intaglio imbedded in citrine, blue-topaz, rose-quartz and the like all dancing around cloissonné bases studded with tiny diamonds and gold.


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His designs are bold and opulent and not for the feint of heart when it comes to jewelry. His techniques are those of the ancient craftsmen. His rings are to die for!


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Biçakçi also creates bracelets and pendants and pins and has recently designed a line of wristwatches using his infamous rose-cut diamonds. One piece I found extremely exciting was his octopus ring/ cuff  with the over sized baroque pearl and tentacles composed of blackened gold and champagne colored diamonds. I actually read on one site it was composed of 24k gold & sterling and 3,000 hand-set multicolored diamonds, 164 hand-set seed pearls, and one South Sea baroque pearl. Now that is some piece of jewelry!


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Lucky for us we don’t have to go to the W Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, where he has his shop in order to purchase one of these gorgeous rings or perhaps that outrageous octopus combo.  Just hop on over…or call…our beloved Barneys here in New York City, which proudly sells Biçakçi’s jewelry for one and all to enjoy.



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Can’t let you go without sharing this video in of a visit to Biçakçi’s Istanbul atelier where you will get to see some more of his fabulous rings:




Warning to those already smitten and on their way out the door:  All of this spectacular beauty and craftsmanship comes at quite the hefty price tag…think 5 digits and up.  But then, as our old friend Shakespeare once wrote, “Ah, what price beauty?”



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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!