Want to set a new level for mixing up the artistic barometer of your home?  Take a look at this totally engaging line of lighting being produced by a talented artisan in Europe. I discovered these captivating  pieces a few years ago at a great site called and I have been completely entranced by them ever since. They are designed and made by MARIE CHRISTOPHE and their whimsy and artistic originality are truly charming.


CHRISTOPHE  makes all of her lamps in Paris and one lamp is more spectacular than the next. Wire twisted into imaginary figures, abstract shapes or  fanciful animals and then embellished with beads and crystals, and finally topped off with oversized or undersized lampshades that are in bright colors or metallic finishes. The essence of each individual lamp is so very charming and intriguing.





When I look at CHRISTOPHE’S lamps they put a big smile on my face, and there is something very positive to be said for that. The  oversized design and scale gives many of them have a  real retro 60’s look. Think about putting these lamps  on either side of a bed on the night tables…especially a pair of the man’s face and the woman’s face, each on one side of the bed…or on a desk or occasional table. They bring together an artistic sensibility that would lighten up…no pun intended… any room. So, so much more interesting than an ordinary ceramic lamp, don’t you think?




CHRISTOPHE also makes chandeliers that suspend like sculptures form the ceiling, also out of wire and beads and jewels and crystals. As Fontanarosa writes, these creations are like “illuminating poerty.”  I agree and see then as beautiful feminine creations with  just the right touch of glam to make them not too far over the edge dezign-wise.





CHRISTOPHE’S handiwork  has been seen in the showrooms of Cartier, Dior, Roger Vivier, Hermes, and Baccarat…and I would say that list of clients speaks for itself. Now you can also enjoy one of these divine beauties in your home and share in the magic of her artistic talent.