I saw this coffee table in INTERIOR DESIGN magazine a short while back and I flipped! How marvelous are those lucite legs? Is this not a balancing act extrordinaire ? This fantastic creation comes from MC2DESIGNLAB and I think it deserves a (Furniture) Oscar for originality and ultra chicness. The table is fittingly called ICE and is a limited production glass and acrylic piece from their ART COLLECTION.

FACT SHEET:  MC2 DESIGNLAB is a creative collaborative effort between industrial designers DESMOND MILLER and JERRY CMEHIL, with specialization on industrial design, furniture design and interior architectural design.


Okay, now I have to do my research. Going on line to see what other pieces are manufactured by MC2LAB I find this translucent green glass, oval shaped table that totally blows me away. It’s called NEW BOR, and is also in limited production. I mean, just think of how unbelievable that table would look in a room.

This  piece is called KONSTRUCT HI FI CABINET…..don’t you just love the use of HI-FI  in the name?and is constructed of high gloss lacquer surround, with a  beautifully figured walnut front, and a configuration of thin  powder coated steel legs.  Just how does that angular web of steel legs hold up the body of this cabinet?  It seems to be defying the laws of physics! This eye pleasing construction is part of the secret to the success of the furniture designed by this talented team.


Further investigation led me to some extremely clean modern pieces that reeked of excellent design and craftsmanship:

The BORRO SHELVING UNIT has sensuous , ribbon shelves covered in a bright yellow green powder covered steel….or your color of choice.. with strong circular steel columns piercing  through them. The vertical columns provide a contrasting structure that make the shelves seem as if they are actually moving circularly, like a treadmill.



The RED BENTO CABINET is a combination of red lacquer and powder coated steel legs. Once again , the design sensibility is a combination of bold color,  curves and a balancing act that catches your eye.  AND I think the reference to the Japanese bento box…you have tried one at your local Japanese restaurant, right?…is the icing on the cake.


Lastly, I was particularly attracted to the BORSON BENCH . Made of walnut, wool upholstery and stainless. steel, its balancing act is fabulous! Looks like if you felt like moving it around in the house you would just pick up the straight side and wheel it to another location!



MC2DESIGNLAB is now on my A list of to-go-to furnishings!!!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!