Being a member of The Museum of Art and Design on the Curator’s Circle level provides one the opportunity to visit the studios of famous artists. I’ve often mentioned how much I enjoy these ventures, as you get to hear the proverbial “nitty gritty straight from the horse’s mouth” and there is nothing better…trust me.


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About a month ago, MAD sponsored an evening event at the artist studio of Marilyn Minter in NYC.  It was just the best to listen to her speak about her art and experiences in the contemporary art world. As you well know, being an artist is all about passion and creativity and not an easy road to travel.


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I have great respect for people  who chose to pursue that more difficult path to success via the art world.  And, I am always mesmerized by listening to “the what” behind their creative talent…their thought process, their goals, their frustrations, their motivations.


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To really be successful in the world of contemporary painting and photography you have to stand out from the crowd.  Enter stage right,  Marilyn Minter: outstanding and definitely edgy.  Minter’s work is all about women’s bodies and oozy, bubbly substances, and lips and moisture, and tongues and breasts and needing to look twice in order to realize what she is imaging.  In one word, FABULOUS!


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True confession: I really wasn’t very familiar with Minter’s body of work. However, since my visit to her studio, I am totally enamored with her exceptional talents.  Minter’s ability to merge the lines between fine art and commercial art into her photography and paintings  adds a dimension that most definitely makes her work unique.


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Her famous “Green Pink Caviar” video, which played on MTV’s billboard in Times Square NYC a few years back, is sensual, erotic, mesmerizing and completely hypnotic. Take a look for yourself if you have never seen it before:



BTW, I didn’t leave the event at her studio until I had the chance to speak with her directly.  She is charming and intelligent and admitted to a fascination with freckles…of which I have more than I can count.  Interestingly enough, she has the most beautiful freckles on her own face!


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Heads Up: Mimter  is about to have a retrospective exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in the fall and you shouldn’t miss it.  I’m dying to purchase one of her pieces, but just may have to settle for a book of her work…or save my pennies for awhile!


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Ciao, ciao “til next time!