Michael Aram: The New Molten Collection…and More!

I had the distinct pleasure several weeks ago to attend a wonderful event celebrating the work of one of the most iconic accessories designers in the market today. If you are a shopper in the better department stores around the country you have probably seen his fabulous polished stainless steel pieces. Please allow me to introduce you to MICHAEL ARAM.

ARAM has been successfully presenting his talents as a designer of decorative arts for the home since 1989. It is always a special treat to get to talk one on one with the creator of great product…which, of course, I did…and get the background info on how he/she got into the business, what were the inspirations, etc.

ARAM has actually lived and worked in India since beginning his business. His background includes training as a painter, sculptor and an art historian.  He’s the real McCoy, and you can feel this when you talk to him about his work. He and his staff design thousands of new items each year, always aiming to provide an original look.

 His collections are extensive, and each and everyone displays his tremendous talent of seamlessly unifying hand crafting with modern execution.  His imaginative designs sing of organic forms, nature, and mythology. Listen to some of the names he gives his collections: Ginkgo, Pomegranate, Black Orchid, Tree of Life.

 The event was held at his flagship store in Chelsea in order to celebrate the reinvention of his New Molten Collection. The pieces in this grouping are made of high polished stainless steel, with tiny beads individually welded to the edge of each bowl, dish, tray or vase.  They are simply and emphatically stunning.

Thought you might enjoy watching this video explaining the process ARAM uses to make the New Molten Collection pieces . I think you will really get a sense of the craftsmanship that goes into making each piece:

While I was there I flitted around the extremely beautifully designed store in order to check out the other collections. There were so many wonderful things that caught my eye. I also ran into my fellow design blogger, Sara Baynes Sarna. We connected at Blogfest2012 ( see: Kravet Cooks Up a Perfect Design Event: Blogfest 2012 ) and it was great to spend time with her looking at ARAM’S gorgeous wares.







‘Smore ARAM goodies…