It takes an ex-sushi chef to be able to carve out some highly exceptional pieces of furniture with detailing unlike anything you have seen before. The exacting hand of MICHAEL WILSON of MICHAEL WILSON DESIGNS produces extremely  clever pieces of furniture that sing of originality and creativity.


His goal is to allow personal  traits of the wood he uses, like California walnut or acacia, to blossom in his designs.  Functionality gets fused with his visions of unusual shapes and creatures, but at all times his craftsmanship is obvious to the beholder.


I first saw his work two years ago at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show (see: AND NOW IN THE CENTER ARENA: ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST HOME DESIGN SHOW) and was mesmerized.  So clever, so amazing.  I was particularly taken by the pieces that appear to be spiders balanced on long pointy metal claws.  He calls these pieces “Tarantula Spider Tables” and that is just what they look like!  It was instant love for me, and I recognized immediately that MICHAEL was an extremely talented furniture designer. His fascination with this poisonous spider as a furniture concept is so totally strange, and yet so very elegant at the same time.  The tables seem to defy gravity as they balance pieces of glass on the “elbows” of the tarantula’s legs. They are truly wonderful.


Swan Table



I adore when there is an obvious hand to a piece of furniture, when you can see the work and sense the effort put into it to create the final product. All of MICHAEL’S pieces have a fluidity in the carving that is outstanding and indicative of his talented hand.This fluidity is highly apparent in the Black Swan Dining Room Table and the Swan Table…both on my favorite list.







MICHAEL also creates pieces out of metal,   (see the spectacular Tarantula Table in metal pictured to the side) or uses metal accents on his wood furniture designs as exotic touches.

MICHAEL has his studio in Texas now where he lives, but  is open to commissions and custom projects from all over the world. Keep your eye out for his fine studio furniture designs.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they appeared in any of the popular shelter magazines or at a gallery exhibit near you in the very near future. If you are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles you can scoot over to JF CHEN and see what they have available for immediate gratification.

Ah, the delight of perfect design and talent all in one package…


Here is a video I found about MICHAEL WILSON and his work.  Hope you enjoy it.