Snow White’s wicked step mother might have had a change of heart if she had been able to look into these stunning mirrors…perhaps she would have had a personality make-over and learned how to become buddy-buddy with the beautiful princess. Unlike that evil stepmother, I’ve never owned a magic mirror, although I do know a few people who’s mirrors must be magical, but that’s another story! So let’s get down to the business of today’s post.



There is nothing finer than a gorgeous mirror to set off the decor in a room. There are some really marvelous new mirrors  from the Portuguese company,  BOCA DO LOBO , that add a touch of  magical ‘ high chic’ to a room in the same way a painting does. BOCA DO LOBO (translation: Mouth of the Wolf…hmmm?) has a terrific design sense and their mirrors are really unusual.


The Neapoli Mirror is  really huge ( almost 73″ x 64″), but I saw it pictured on the cover of a recent INTERIORS magazine…one of my favorites, incidentally… over a simple limestone fireplace and it was truly dynamic.

Its ” second cousin” the Apollo Mirror is somewhat simpler , but also grand in size  (63″ in diameter) and just as fantastico in my book. I think I am  seriously attracted to mirrors that are huge and have major drama!

The playful mirror called the Venice Mirror  (60″ x 85″)…kinda  obvious from whence the inspiration came…has a wild and crazy shape that wouldn’t be for everyone, but as one of my clients who fell in love with it instantly, it is rather romantic and offbeat at the same time. Sound like your cup of tea?


The next one I have mixed emotions about it, but thought I would show it, as it is definitely high on the creative index.  It is called the Root Mirror and it is composed of 10 different sized grey mirrors in rusted golden leaf finished frames which are then constructed in an overlapping pattern. As it is interestingly different, but also a bit over the top for me, I thought I’d ask for some comments from my audience.  Let me know what you think?



Last, but not least, I want to close with one of BOCA DO LOBO’S more classical mirrors. This one is called the Liberty Mirror and it is approximately 47+” in diameter and available in gold, silver or copper leaf and numerous other colors.  I bet the copper leaf version would be  real dezignlicious…so hard to find a great copper mirror these days.  This mirror still has a big presence on a wall, but is not going to scream out at you, which is just fine in my opinion.


BOCA DO LOBO makes statements in a big way, and their mirrors are not for timid souls. I think the operative word here is ‘pizzazz’.’. If a mirror has a little pizzazz  then it creates a new dimension in the interior design of your space.  So, my recommendation for today is to just  plunge in there and have the courage to think outside of that ‘mirror box’ that keeps  your creative other-self at bay. I know you’ll enjoy the swim… and the reflection