In a post last week  I wrote about this fabulous line of furnishings from the Italian fashion house, MISSONI which I saw in the window of DDC while I was walking to work. Everything was simply “I want to buy this immediately” as far as I was concerned. But such beauty is usually priced accordingly, as I have learned over the years.

The very next day my design assistant, Viviana Fernandez…a veritable Missoni Enthusiast…came into my office with this article she had read in the latest issue of House Beautiful magazine about a similar new line of  furnishings and home decor that MISSONI was producing for TARGET…equally beautiful, but of course , not at the same price point and definitely not the same products as the line being manufactured for DDC. However, my interest was definitely piqued. So I want to quickly pass this information on to you as a follow up since it is so indicative of the design world today.

Viviana is a design student at Parsons, and was totally thrilled about being able to purchase such stylish gems at a price point that matched her pocketbook. I asked her to write about the article and I think you will enjoy reading what she has to say :

“I could not believe what I saw while browsing the latest issue of House Beautiful this week…the fabulous Missoni House is coming to Target! For those of you who don’t know, Missoni is an Italian fashion house famous in the industry for its unique knitwear, made from a variety of fabrics in colorful patterns. Since Missoni’s founding in 1953, it has grown into a global luxury brand and remains a highly regarded Italian label. Like other fashion houses, they quickly moved their way into the realm of home fashion and furniture.

The  MISSONI HOME FOR TARGET line is playful, vibrant and colorfully exuberant.Everyone easily recognizes the zigzag  motif and the wild color combinations. So you can imagine that I was extremely excited when I read that this new collection was being introduced as an affordable, limited-edition collection for the home and would include such home goods as bedding, dinnerware, stationary and decorative items. And here is the BEST PART: the prices will range from $2.99 to  $599.00!!!!!

Everything will be available starting September 13, 2011, at stores and on line at  target.com. So mark your calendars and go get yourself a few Missoni products. Try adding some signature zigzags to your pristine white bed or hand me down couch and you’ll instantly start transforming your space.  Using key accessories from the home line will give a dull room an instant pop of color and life. No matter where you live…in a city apartment, in a beach cottage,or a suburban home…these highly styled home products will be just the decorating pick me up you need.”

As another Missoni Enthusiast I am as thrilled to see this level of home product dezign being made available to a larger audience.  No one can argue with good dezign at an affordable price. Finding a wonderful accessory or piece of furniture you love in the right price range  is one of the greatest pleasures of the hunt. And hip hip hooray to Target for  stepping up to the plate, once again! Undoubtedly, I will now definitely have to include Target in my hunting ground!

Here are a few more zigs and zags from the Target collection…all of them equally chic and stylish:

Ciao ciao ’til next time!