I walk past the contemporary design store, DDC, on Madison and 34th Street in NYC, practically every day on my way to my office. There isn’t a day I don’t stop to stare in the windows at the chic modern furniture. Last week I was blown away by a colorful display of original furniture and bedding and towels, and did a quick 360 and went inside to get the nitty gritty on who was responsible for these marvelous new products.


Unbeknown to me, the famous fashion house of MISSIONI is now in the furnishing and bedding and towel business. Not sure why I am so surprised to learn this as everyone seems to be creeping into everyone else’s territory these days.  Remember when a drug store only sold medicine and health products?


At the mention of the name the MISSONI one’s mind conjures up a clear picture of the high end clothing produced by the company. Noted for a fashion line that is both colorful and full of pattern, their iconic design patterns are notoriously famous and what makes them so recognizable. Now you can indulge yourself and sleep and bathe in these luscious patterns. How cool is that?


Not only are they doing the most fabulous sheeting and a towels but they also have the hottest looking fabric shades I have seen in a quite some time. The colors are bright and fiesta-like and are bound to add a a lot of sugar and spice to a room.


The whole look is about bold colorful designs that you might think would clash with each other but look simply fantabulous together! It is better than being in Wonderland and I know Alice would agree. The patterns are really quite beautiful and outstanding. And you can’t make a mistake by putting the wrong pattern with the wrong stripe…everything goes with everything else!!!


Isn’t the over sized scale enticing? The lounge chair looks cozy enough for you and your significant other and the kidz and the dog and maybe a friend or two!



You must take a look at the area rugs they produce to go along with the bedding and ottomans and oversize chairs. They are simply ornate and fascinatingly colorful and act as great foils for the rest of the furnishings.

Walked out of the showroom feeling just tickled hot pink…and golden yellow…and lavender blue…and moss green…and light purple…and orange red… I think you get the gist!!!


Ciao, ciao ‘ til next time!