One of the wonderful things that has transpired over the past several years is that design, like many other industries, is truly global and you can conduct business with suppliers all over the world.  Being as eclectic as I am in my taste, I often welcome meetings with design companies who have sent their representatives to New York City looking to introduce their products to the huge design market that exists here. Such it was that I had the great pleasure to meet the owners of Vévé Glass, and have the opportunity to see their fabulous collection of Murano glass products up front and personal in my very own office!





Vévé is a merging of the talents of two master glassmakers, Paolo Birello and Marco Scaramuzza. Located near Venice, the company specializes in making architectural glass that can be incorporated into contract and residential projects.   They are particularly known for their stunning abstract glass murals which frequently incorporate silver and gold as part of the glass design.


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Vévé  has the capability to design custom glass  panels to clad the walls of any space imaginable, including round columns and furnishings. I was particularly taken by their unique room divider called the “RGB Curtain.”  This is a curtain of different colored glass circles that hangs from the ceiling and can be the perfect way to divide two areas of a space.  I am really loving this…so chic and contemporary…and am wishing I had only known about it for a project I finished last year!


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They also make “to die for” bowls and dishes and art pieces for display as well as sculptural lights.  Many of these come in oversized versions which are particularly dramatic and appealing and just so Italian!


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The techniques they use vary from etching to engraving, to a rediscovered technique of fusing glass pieces together, much as a mosaic would be created.  Vévé also utilizes  ancient Venetian techniques  from the 15th and 16th centuries such as filigree…colored glass threads covered in crystal… plus they create “murrinas,” which   you may know as millefiori and incorporate zanfirico, reticello and milled glass…all classic glassmaking techniques…into their production.  You should definitely go to their website ( Vévé site) and read more about these various techniques  if you want to understand the difference between them and become more of a Murano glass expert.


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I’ve always loved Murano glass.  Visiting a glass factory when you are in Venice is undoubtedly a must do for one and all. When you think about how many centuries the master glassmakers have been delighting us with exotic pieces of Murano glass it is really amazing.  AND I would have to say that the modern pieces are as outstanding in their execution and beauty as are the old.


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BTW, here is a video…in Italian, but with subtitles…giving you a little bit of a personal tour of the Vévé factory and product line:



Now I have to decide which one I want in my house. Let me know which one you want!


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!