My iPhone camera is clicking away… I  have finally had the opportunity to spend several days in Milano, Italy where shopping takes on a new meaning.  Right up my alley , as my husband likes to joke that I have a” black belt in shopping’! Milano was one of the first cities I know of that prohibited cars from the center of the city so that pedestrians could walk about freely…AND SHOP!!!! Okay, if you are ready…think classic architecture, outrageous marble stone floors… and then cover up the heavens with glass and sparkling lights and fill your pockets with money and GO!

Being that my first love is furniture  I had my “furniture radar” activated. Quite accidentally, I stumbled into a series of stores in the Brera district called Robertaestra. They specialize in furniture from the Art Deco period through the 70’s. The piece I fell madly in love with was a console by the furniture designer, Carlo Bugatti…. don’t know the exact date it was created for some rich Italian patron, but I would guess it goes back to the 1920’s. It’s confluence of north African sensibilities , exotic materials and Italian craftsmanship with functionality  is outstanding. Bugatti often used exotic woods, copper, parchment, mother of pearl and ivory in his furniture pieces. His aesthetic fits right into my love of mixing up exotic materials in interiors.

Take a peek at the sideboard and also a pair of mirrors by Bugatti I saw stashed in a corner of the shop. Do you not think they are outrageously beautiful?

P.S. The gorgeous Murano floor lamp between the mirrors isn’t too bad either!


Just to round out my adoration for Bugatti, I thought I would throw in some other photos I found of pieces he created during his long career. You have to agree the man was a genius with talent to spare. I have seen some of his pieces at Sotheby’s or Christie’s when they come up for auction and you do not want to ask what the prices are…so enjoy the photos and look out for his work whenever you are “on-the-hunt” so you can have an opportunity to see his talent up front and personal!



Ciao, ciao ’til Thursday!