I have the good fortune to have my dezign office situated in what one would call the “Rug Market” section of Manhattan.  There are innumerable rug merchants located within two to three blocks, all selling a huge variety of area carpets. One of my favorites is a place called NAZMIYAL ANTIQUE RUGS , where they have a superior collection of antique carpets.  I recently read something written by Wilbur Pierce for NAZMIYAL , which I think is quite clever and I would like to share an excerpt  from the article with you at this time:

The clean shaven man stood on the street looking into Jason Nazmiyal’s showroom. The woman’s name was Gryt and his name Grunt. He listened to her instructions, for they were husband and wife. As he was married, he did nothing right. They stood outside of the rug gallery. Our place looks like a cave, she said.”

Designing and decorating our “caves” is an integral part of the development of mankind, and throughout history there have been different artisans and skilled laborers that produced the most wonderful carpets and blankets and tapestries for  kings, princes and the ordinary man  and woman to enjoy in their homes.  Wilbur Pierce concludes in his article, “…the Holy Grail of rug weaving remains in the hand-woven designs and production that spanned a few centuries and now wear the title of antique. Now rare, these carpets have a pedigree and a patina, an almost unquantifiable aura about them that exudes quality, history and art in each knot.”

If given the choice between a new rug and an antique rug  I would always choose the latter. And, this is the heart and soul of NAZMIYAL ANTIQUE RUGS. I guarantee you that you will find the absolute best selection of antique carpets in all of New York City! Owned by Jason Nazmiyal, the showroom has an extensive collection of everything from classic antique through Art Deco beauties to mid century modern designs.  My taste being more contemporary, I was beyond delighted to  see how comprehensive the contemporary antique rug collection was, especially since  I had no idea this marvelous  source existed right under my nose across the street!

There is a large variety in stock in their showroom, and in the shake of a rug  you can easily satisfy your cravings  for a one of a kind original contemporary rug from France, Sweden, Morocco or just about anywhere in the world! In addition, because of Jason Nazmiyal’s  strong buying power in the industry, you will definitely find the best prices here. I felt basically like that proverbial pig  looking at the variety of outrageously gorgeous rugs I could use in my interior dezign work. If you haven’t realized it by now , I will admit once again that I am totally addicted to the high I get when I uncover that  special piece of furniture, or object… or area rug…for a room I am dezigning. It literally makes my heart skip beats.


One final detail …and this is the icing on the cake for me… the staff is extremely knowledgeable and eagerly passes on detailed information about the rugs, making the experience that much more exciting. And, they freely offer you the ability to see the rug in your home…an absolute must…plus all kinds of other important cleaning and maintenance services to help you keep your treasured purchase from them in tip top shape. What could be better?