When I say “Private Workspace Collective” what do you think of?  It doesn’t sound very cutting edge…maybe even sounds a little like the name of some socialistic organization in the old Soviet Union.  Well, please sit up and pay attention, for this is the absolute new and fashionable way to conduct business today, if your are a young entrepreneur.  Enter stage right, NeueHouse.


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As the NY Times put it: “NeueHouse,… in Manhattan, (is) a collective organization of work spaces and common spaces for entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs.” Think of a quasi-industrial cavernous work space designed by the talented David Rockwell…not too shabby, right? NeueHouse is the latest & greatest style of offices for the hip and connected and social media savvy generation that sees no need for renting and furnishing a stand alone office space in some isolated building . Personally,  I bit into this concept hook, line and sinker!


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Think of belonging to a club of like-minded people who are all working diligently to become successful but also get the cool concept of putting themselves in the right work environment.  Every day you go to “the office” you get to rub shoulders with other young entrepreneurs and network with people that very possibly could help you achieve your first million.


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These are not claustrophobic boxes, aka offices, lined up next to each other, which are typical of most large commercial spaces where they rent out individual offices the size of a large closet. This place is chic and sophisticated and has bathrooms you actually want to go into.   You might even feel like sitting on the huge ‘stairway to no place’ and hang out for awhile and shoot the breeze with a fellow worker.




And, as for amenities, they abound galore. There are frequent social events planned for members, an in-house restaurant, cutting edge art hanging on the walls and numerous places to work if you feel the need to sit on a couch, sit at a table, or work in a opened space “private” office. You need not worry about bringing anything as they have all of the tech resources and conference space you might need.


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And, there is a definite social dimension to working at NeueHouse. The WSJ put it this way :“Still, avoiding people-watching at Neue House is nearly impossible… ‘It’s really a social space,’ said Alanna Heiss, the founder of MoMA PS1 … ‘Being…here seems to be conducive to people meeting. It’s a power strip where everyone can plug in.’”




There is definitely a sexy, seductive feeling to the place.  The downstairs area is actually lowly lit and gives off a vibe similar to that of a lounge in a night club. Basically, I know this may sound somewhat shallow, but, there is no doubt to me, that you feel successful by just being there…ah, feel the electricity of other talented people trying to make money. Personally, if I would be starting out today, I’d want to work out of Neue House myself…wouldn’t you?




Oh, BTW, here is a picture of me with my dear friend, Noha Mohsen, at NeueHouse.  She is the owner of Enlighten Lighting Consultants,  and an Egyptian lighting designer who is now plying her trade in the Big Apple.  She’s the one I have to thank for introducing me to this fabulous place!




Ciao, Ciao ’til next time!