Okie doke, if the picture of the stone slab I saw at my last visit to New York Stone doesn’t make you go “oooh” and “ahhh” then I don’t know what will. Isn’t it simply gorgeous and fabulous?  This was just one of many

out-of-this-world stone slabs I saw at a recent visit to their marble yard in Jersey City…well, a girl’s got to go just about everywhere these days to find stuff for her clients!





Needless to say, I was most impressed with the collection of exotic stones available through this very fine stone source.  New York Stone came my way through my rep, Francesca Caputo, who, by the by, is related to Marian Santasiero…my left and right hand in the office…who has worked for me since I opened my design firm. But, forgive me I divert from the real topic for today.




As an interior designer you’ve got to be on your toes to find the absolute finest sources for gorgeous materials so your clients feel that you bring an added value to the table. Not all of the times is the hunt for the exotic. Sometimes that means you might be looking for more common materials but want to have the best quality available. At all times you definitely want to take your clients to the best sources, so you can guarantee them excellent service and reliability. Enter New York Stone, one of my favorite sources for finding just the right stone or tile needed for a project.





Purchasing stone slabs for a kitchen or a bathroom or for floors and fireplaces  is a tedious process and requires fortitude to work your way through the various slabs stored in the  stone yard…not to mention withstanding the cold while you do it. But it is definitely a labor of love. Nothing is better than finding just the right piece of stone for a project and knowing how marvelous it is going to look when the job is finished.




For those of you not ready to jump on the PATH train and visit  their  huge stone yard in Jersey City New York Stone also has a wonderful 15,000 s/f showroom in Manhattan. Here they feature all of types of natural stones, semi-precious stones, unusual man-made surfaces, and porcelain tiles making it a great one-stop-shop for picking out different selections for just about any construction project.




I thought you might enjoy watching me traipse through the marble yard with Francesca. Notice the winter gear you must wear inside the yard because it is generally freezing and I have to admit even the fun of the search for the perfect slab doesn’t seem to ameliorate that cold air! Then I want to introduce you to Erez Shacham, who runs the whole shabang at the yard in Jersey City. If you decide to travel out to the yard he’s who you want to speak with.




Hope you enjoyed this quick foray into the world of granite, marble, and other wondrous marvels of this earth.


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!