That’s me above at FORT STREET STUDIO in New York City  fondling a terrific example of a handwoven MOROCCAN BOUCHEROUITE rug, also known as  a BERBER BOUCHEROUITE. I was invited to the opening party by my dear friend,TIM O’ROURKE, for an exhibit of these outrageously beautiful rugs.These simple, but  gorgeous, hand done pieces were discovered by the owners of FORT STREET STUDIOBRAD DAVIS and JANIS PROVISOR while on vacation in Marrakech last year.


Apparently, they discovered them during a dinner at the home of a well known Moroccan carpet dealer. They were , at the time, on a personal quest for the something unusual and beautiful… my soul mates … for their own personal collection,  fell instantly in love when they saw these rugs, and ended up purchasing as many of them as they could to bring back to New York City!  Boy, do I understand that passionate reaction to something you discover while traveling!


Here is some of the background info:

BERBER BOUCHEROUITE is a “free form rug made from re-purposed household fabrics and rags.” As a result of several socioeconomic changes in recent times in Morocco, weavers have begun to use more common materials, as opposed to costly wool, to carry on their craft.  This has led to more free form rugs expressing individual design sensibilities as opposed to the classical patterns and motifs. What is exciting about the collection at FORT STREET STUDIO is that they are not samples of mass marketed BOUCHEROUITES, but one of a kind personal pieces made by the locals for the locals,( perhaps a a dowry gift or some other special occasion?), and that’s what makes them even the more precious.


They actually look like textured abstract paintings and are totally some of the most unique rugs I have come across on my recent forays into the ‘dezignworld.’ AND , if you want a splash of color  and originality on the floor, they are unbeatable.


Truth be told, I’m not sure if they belong  hanging on the wall or spread out on the floor! Guessing  you could move them around depending on your fancy!

Here are some close up views so you can get a better idea of the wonderful textures that compose the rugs:















FORT STREET STUDIO, for those of you not in the know, has some of the most exquisite and uniquely designed contemporary area rugs available in the market. They are a definite a ‘go-to’ place when you want originality. Run down and take a long look at these beauties… I assure you that you will find them as fascinating and unusual as I did.

Thanks Tim for the invite and please keep me on the A-List for all future events!

Ciao, ciao ‘ til next time!