Okay, second post about PINK this year, but don’t get nervous, this PINK obsession will be over by sunset, and I promise to move on. But while I am still feeling “in the PINK”…and before the summer ends… I wanted to quickly share with you some furnishings I think would go really flat if they weren’t in PINK …you can agree or disagree.

I promise this will be short and sweet…how appropriate is that? Plus, this go round I want to concentrate on things a little more Hollywood Glam in style and  then more Modern in theme, just to verify the power of pink in many different dezign styles and periods. Incidentally, the fabu sofa above is from the Phyllis Morris’ Circa Collection and is called the Regency Sofa…a perfect confection of style and class and way out there fabric color!  I bet “she’s” the center of attraction in the room, don’t you think? The  team over at Phyllis Morris is certainly not shy when it comes to dezign and is a real afficionado of PINK , especially since it suits their furnishings so, so well! Take a look at these two as well…yumaroo!

How Hollywood is the HOT PINK SATIN CHAIR?  It is just begging to be placed in a beautiful  bedroom and have some sexy blonde come sit in it! AND the DAY BED CUM BOOKCASE would fit perfectly in any guest bedroom…just adore the pink with the taupe and those polka dot pillows!

Moving right along with some more contemporary PINK IDEAS take a look at these clever pieces from KARKULA. What I like about these furnishings is that the PINK is  added value to the design. Clean modern lines portrayed in PINK give  zsazs to what would be more ordinary in white, grey, black or taupe, colors more common in contemporary furniture.

The furnishings below were all designed by PAOLO LENTI, and in my dezign book sing comfort, fun, and beauty.









And they have this super cool light called the CANOPY by OLUCE that comes in three colors…but you know my favorite, right?

And even  SWAN CHAIRS designed by FRITZ HANSEN get an unbelievable “face lift” from being dressed up in bright fuschia PINK… are they not the most delicious looking “swans” you ever saw?????

Okay, I am totally PINKED out…but hope you aren’t. Be brave and try a little PINK in your life. You might be surprised how happy your room looks, and how much better all the other colors and fabrics appear!

OOOPS…forgot one last pix that is sure to put a smile on your face and convince you that PINK is definitely in style.  I found it on the cover of a SHERWIN WILLLIAMS brochure that was sent to my office…and I think it says it all…

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!