ODEGARD: A Fabulous Source for Fanciful Furnishings!

I love it when you walk into an interior design showroom and you are titillated by a barrage of wonderful furnishings everywhere you look. You instantly think

about how marvelous this would look here and that would look there and then want to tell all of your clients to meet you at the showroom instantly!

Such was my feeling the other day when I was visiting the ODEGARD showroom looking for an area rug for one of my clients.

Odegard has one of the best reputations in the design market for outstanding quality area rugs.  Stephanie Odegard, the founder of the company, was one of the first to manufacturer exceptional carpets in Nepal and bring them to the United States market place.

The area rugs are executed with top notch skills and the designs vary from classic to way out contemporary. One thing I can guarantee is that  you will always be sure of getting the best of the best when you shop there.

Odegard is also committed to the GOODWEAVE program, which you may remember I wrote about a few months ago…another feather in their cap. (see post)

Over the years, Odegard has been expanding the STEPHANIE ODEGARD COLLECTION,  introducing an interesting melange of furnishings made in India under the name of  VIYA  HOME.  They have cleverly tapped into the skills of Indian artisans with skills formerly utilized to make exquisite furnishings and objects for Indian royalty.

Viya Home has three different style groupings: India Modern, Art Deco and Contemporary. The primary materials employed for the pieces are brass and copper, but some pieces do include such precious materials as lapiz lazuli and mother of pearl.

If you like the Indian aesthetic, you will love these furnishings.  They have just the right mixture of beauty, quirkiness, elegance and sexiness…yes, sexiness, a subtle, but important element in interior design. Then add into the mix that jewel-like quality so prevalent in Indian handiwork, and the formula is a win-win!

All of the furnishings can be customized for particular applications. But for those of you who prefer immediate gratification and have a “what I see is what I get ” attitude, there are numerous individual accent pieces available…some times right off the showroom floor… to help you get that little bit of Indian “zsazs” into your home decor.

The copper pieces are particularly provocative for me… you just don’t see furniture made out of copper that frequently in the market.

So, my friends, if you want a little bit of  sophisticated exoticism, head on over to the NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER…that’s where the showroom is located…and up to Odegard   and drink in the the beauty of the pieces in the Stephanie Odegard Collection…You will be simply fascinated!