Think about this: Imagine a furniture company recycling old window frames into hip, rather very cool furniture.  Sounds like a great  idea and perfect for any one interested in sustainable design products. For this designer, I am right there and ready to tout it to one and all.

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The company is Ru Édition. Somehow a picture of one of their fabulous credenzas came across my desk…an email?…and I saved the photo on my iMac thinking I would write about them some time in the future. Well the time has finally come, especially now that I have the wonderful story behind their designs.

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The motivation force behind Ru Édition is a complete devotion to the concept that design should incorporate considerations for the environment at all costs. Subsequently, they investigate carefully how their furniture designs best serve society as a whole. This is their special recipe for mixing an excellence in execution and concept with an unusually high respect for the environment.

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The company was actually formed in 2012  when these three men joined forces:  Fabrice Millet, the industrialist, Damien Hamon , the cabinet maker and Oliver Papet, the designer.

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The Millet Group, owned and run by Fabrice Millet, has been manufacturing wooden, aluminum, steel and PVC joinery and windows for well over 60 years. Needless to say, millions of these windows were discarded over those 60 years, rather than recycled. As a result of the formation of Ru Édition that will all change.

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Millet, Hamon and Papet are determined to take these discarded windows and turn them into chic and sophisticated modern furniture pieces. I think you will agree with me that the concept is meritorious…and not to mention that the furniture is enchanting.

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All of this furniture represents present and future collectables.  I predict that you will most likely see Ru Éditions featured in interior design magazines as well as on the favorite web sites of the design trade…not only for their ingenuity and devotion to the environment but because they are truly attractive and functional and have such a good story behind them.

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Jump on the band wagon and check out their site. I’m crazy for the large credenza!  AND do take note of the small tables and the clock…both items highly original and desirable.

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Inside Secret: Next move on my part is to integrate them into my new design venture, The Curated Mansemore about that in a future post!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!