This is a short but very cool story today. Every once and a while you see some great design idea that has been created by a product designer and you have to yell out “Hip Hip Hooray” as it seems so clever and beautifully designed.  Such it is with the Formations Wall Tile Collection by J Schatz.


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Formation Wall Tiles in Platinum


Formations  mixes artistic caché with practicality.  It is basically a collection of cleverly designed stoneware elements that come as wall tiles possessing a variety of hooks and hangers. The selections can easily become an interesting wall installation wherever the inspiration grabs you.


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Mirror with Formations hooks



The wall tiles come in small medium and large and are installed permanently.  Other hooks and hangers can be installed via a screw on the back.  The hooks and hangers can also be used as knobs on cabinetry…which I think is particularly fabulous.


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There are also open pockets that can be filled as planters or used for storing anything your “little ol’ heart desires!” These can be tile backed in order to include them in some wall design you create with the hooks and hangers or simply stand alone.


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They come in a rainbow assortment of colored ceramic glazes…glossy and metallic…and have a hand done quality, which makes them just a tad quirky but also chuck-a-full of design.  If you could envision a wall filled with them in a mud room, a child’s room, a bathroom, a walk-in-closet, a terrace wall, a cabana area around a pool, an office, and gobs of other places, I think you will begin to see how clever this collection really is.


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I am particularly charged up about the stupendous wall designs you can create out of the variety of tiles.  AND, the platinum collection is très chic!  Forget about those old boring metal or plastic hooks!  Add some chicness to your life in just this very small way and you will see how enhanced the simple experience of hanging something on a hook can become.


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BTW, Jim Schatz is the creative force behind all of these wonderful products that combine simplicity, color and interesting design into wonderful products for the home. Furthermore, when you go to the web site of J Schatz you will see the bevy of other clever home design products by Schatz being offered, which are totally brilliant.  Check out the Buff Humpty light and the Poodle Butts sculpture just for a beginning…guaranteed to put big smiles on your faces!


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As they say on the J Schatz web site:  “Enjoy a bit of wonder today.”


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!