Open One Door, Close Another: Dieffe

Here’s something to put in your dezign bonnet: beautiful doors can be the pièce de résistance in your interiors. They provide an opportunity for you to

personalize the look of your home, especially if you can think beyond the regular boring door styles utilized in most interiors. My fascination lately is with large, stunning modern doors, especially those coming out of contemporary design firms in Italy. To me, they are true added value to the final look of a home and only enhance the uniqueness of project.


There is a great company out in Los Angeles called Dieffe which brings together several fabulous door manufacturers from Italy. They import high styled contemporary custom doors (and windows too)for interiors designers and architects to specify for their projects. For some reason I ended up on their email newsletter list and started receiving photos of their doors, which I found simply terrific. So let me give you more details about some of the ones I think are outstanding.


The frameless glass door line for interior use is bright and colorful and totally customized for different openings. There is a double layered lacquered blue and silver lovely that’s a show stopper. The hidden hinges…how do they do that?…and lack of any molding or frame around the door give it a sleek contemporary look that is unbeatable. Très chic and classy!


Henry Glass is the company that manufacturers these beautiful glass doors and I read that they use only recyclable materials in their manufacturing.  Think added value to these fashionable doors.  Another favorite one of mine is from the Vitra line. It is  composed of three huge sliding doors, two  made of clear bronze glass and one with a sanded decoration and a  wengè header and it is positively gorgeous!

Dieffe also make pivot doors out of steel with matching wall panels which completely camouflage the opening to the room.  Constructed by Seccoseanother Italian company,  these products are available in three different metals: stainless steel, cor-ten steel and burnished brass. This variety makes them appropriate for either a contemporary or traditional environment. Cor-ten Steel, for those not in the know, has an oxidized top coat which adds a warmer, more natural look to the metal, a perfect touch in a home.  Add to the list that Seccose  designs metal framed glass doors in innumerable colors that are also really superb looking.

The last category of doors that caught my attention were the wooden doors created by the Italian company called Ghizzi & Benatti.They produce exquisite doors and frames that show great attention to detail and stylishness.Whether in a natural finish or a lacquered finish the doors are flawlessly executed.

Dieffe seems to have cornered the market on the ‘best of the best’  in Italian doors for the home. With the large variety of styles and finishes, and customized designs, I would say they are a definite go-to source for this designer.