One piece of furniture can spark an interest in a furniture design company for an interior designer. Today, with access to product being worldwide the temptation to purchase from outside of the USA doesn’t seem like such a big deal. If your curiosity is great you end up spending umpteen hours on the Internet searching for the latest and greatest and the hottest and coolest. The task is like falling into a bottomless pit. The only great thing is the feeling of elation when you uncover a super find. Such it was when I located VANDOMA DESIGN.

Paulo Gouveia / “Contame”

COOL is a relative word, but I think anyone would agree with me that the word applies to the products being made by VANDOMA. First off, they are a group of young designers living in Portugal that follow the credo, “…where art becomes design.”  The intriguing furniture viewable on their website is not the only venue of this young design consortium, as they  do product design and architectural projects for a diversified clientele.

I first encountered VANDOMA while leafing through an old issue of INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE. FYI, I hold on to old issues and periodically thumb through them. I think INTERIOR DESIGN presents new an innovative product better than any other magazine I read, so I wouldn’t be without it.

Paulo Gouveia / “Porto Gallus”


Okay, so I turn the page and I see this floor lamp that looks like a rooster, No, that is not a typo…the lamp is designed with a red crocheted crown and a wattle, and called Porto Gallus. I adore it!!! Don’t you too? The fable behind the lamp’s curious styling is that a long time ago a rooster’s crow once rescued the life of an  Portuguese man, and, subsequent to that moment, the rooster became the symbol of Portugal. Hence, the Porto Gallus floor lamp from Portuguese designer, Paulo Gouveia and VANDOMA  is a little bit history, a little bit design, and a little bit beauty!


Vandoma Design / “Lunatik” / Graffiti: Okerland

The company makes two different sofas, both rather classic and contemporary at first glance, but both with a bold  dezigntwist. One is called the Lunatik sofa,…interesting name,no?…  that  is covered with bold, brightly colored graffiti on the back…so totally unexpected. The second sofa is the Sente 60 sofa, which has a pressed wood base and surround. This ‘unfinished’ surround contrasts significantly with the simple, sleek sofa design sending a message again of the unexpected. These are definitely sofas with artistic flairs that intrigue and tantalize the viewer.


Vandoma Design / “Brevemente”


The last delight that I want to show you is a bright gold “mirror” suspended horizontally that lights up and functions as a ceiling fixture.  I love the cleverness of the design and it’s originality is A +. I would hang this over my table in a heart beat!


So, for the record, I contacted VANDOMA via email about the Porto Gallus floor lamp right after I saw it in the magazine, got an immediate response, and purchased it for a client.  This Portuguese lovely is now residing in the home of a client of mine, which happily allows me to make visits every now and then. I swear I think it just might crow, it’s so handsome!


 Here’s some more goodies….