Bye bye boring outdoor furniture, and bring on something fresh and in step with today’s sensibilities! I first have to take my hat off to MIMI LONDON and the design team at LONDON BOONE for their new PALM CANYON line of outdoor furniture. Not only is it chic and current and but it possesses a fantastic  retro look with just a little more “zsazs”... just what the dezign doctor ordered!  The press release from MIMI LONDON, INC. contained the following: : ” …we were inspired to create a cohesive and glamorous collection from these versatile and unique designs. Originally designed by the iconic names of early modernist California architecture, the collection is evocative of sun-kissed afternoons by a kidney-shaped pool in the Hollywood Hills. … the pieces give a swingy, glamorous vibe to any space– indoors or out.” Don’t you just wish you had a kidney shaped pool and lived  in the Hollywood Hills?

Now doesn’t this chaise have a sexy attitude? All of the furniture has been inspired by architectural designs from the late 1930’s- 1940’s, reinterpreting the iconic curvilinear forms from that period. Somehow the line conjures up images of Lana Turner and Doris Day all at the same time to me! It’s obvious from the name of the line that it would fit just perfectly into a home in Palm Springs today…or in the Hamptons and Fire Island, or wherever someone has the eye to make their outdoor living space a cut above the average !


This little sweetheart is called the LAS PALMAS LOUNGE CHAIR and was inspired  by  a company called  Zero Halliburton,  which has specialized in stylish aluminum cases with a classic design using compound curves, horizontal lines and simple arcs since the 1930’s. I love the cushion which is like an undulating tootsie roll!  Bet it is really comfortable.

This one is called the JOSHUA TREE  LOUNGE CHAIR is made of gauged hot-rolled flexing steel and has an unexpected bounce as you sit in it. A grouping of these would be hot and probably make for some fun-loving conversation. Particularly love the coppery color of the steel which I think is really unusual in outdoor furniture.

The second outdoor furniture collection that caught my attention recently, was the TALENTI COLLECTION by KARIM RASHID. Karim Rashid is probably one of the most prolific product designers of this century . His new outdoor furniture collection for HENRY HALL DESIGNS is made of aluminum and steel mesh with an ergonomic shape which makes you think of a wave. Words like “refreshing,” “whimsical,” ” minimalism,” come to mind when you see it.

I am crazy for the lightness  and airiness of the construction and the originality of the design…although one would expect no less from Mr. Rashid. Ta-ta to cushions that get dirty and moldy!

The design is so simple it almost seems like the furniture might fly away in some strong summer breeze, but I am sure that would not be the case. The modern aesthetic is astounding : clean undulating lines that provide comfort and visual beauty at the same time. They appear like ribbons waving in the wind when lined up one after the other around a pool.

The collection comes in  three powder coated  flavors: white, yellow an light blue…an interesting choice of colors if you ask me,  which makes me think the collection probably works best in climates  that are warm all year round, like  Florida, California, and the Caribbean, or even the south of France. In any event it is stunning and noteworthy.

Okay, so don’t go throwing out  all of your new patio and pool furniture that you just bought. BUT when you go out the next time to replace what you do have , please try and give some thought to adding a bit of great design to that important area of your house. After  all , the outdoor area of your home deserves the same attention as the inside.



Ciao , ciao ’til next time!