Just a quickie today. Want to share a perfectly delicious moment in St. Barth with you.


I went with my husband to the  HOTEL CHRISTOPHER  in the Point Milou area of St. Barth to spend a day relishing the glorious view around their pool, indulging in a relaxing massage at their spa, and enjoying a delicious lunch at their restaurant, Mango, while sitting in the sand and watching the waves hit the rocky shore. So far so good , actually so far so great! Everything was better than expected and totally magnifique.


But the surprise of my day was the most delicious bowl of gazpacho prepared by Chef Ricardo Niels.  Now I am a bit of a gazpacho aficionado , and think I have had gazpacho in at least  a half a dozen restaurants here.  It is just the right thing to start a meal in a tropical climate…cold, spicy and full of healthy veggies.

Margot, Chef Ricardo Niels, assistant Chantel at MANGO



So true to my commitment to my devoted readers, I am going to give you the recipe I managed to garner from the chef via my lovely waitress, Margot….smiling and seeming desperate works wonders.  It also helps to try and speak some French , which I kind of mumble through pathetically, but my effort is greatly appreciated.


Please don’t freak out…there are no amounts for the ingredients.  But if you are a talented cook, or have a good friend who is, you’ll figure it out.

Plus it really is all about now YOU like it!

(AND, for those of you who do not recognize who my lunch date is, it’s my husband, Andy, my fellow  adventurer on my journeys around this wonderful world.)



Chef Ricardo Niels/ Mango Restaurant,  Christopher Hotel, St. Barth




Red peppers


Whole wheat Bread  (* surprise ingredient )

Olive oil




Everything goes into a blender until smooth , but slightly chunky. FYI the gazpacho is a salmon pink color and not tomato red. And dribbling a little olive oil in the soup bowl before serving makes it that much more delicious.

Serve with a good chunk of French bread, and a cold bottle of French Rose wine and you will be in gazpacho heaven!

Bon appetít!


 HOT TIP:  For a relatively bargain price by St. Barth’s standards you can buy a day pass to the HOTEL CHRISTOPHER, which includes: an outdoor massage at the spa, full use of the pool and the lounges around the pool, a cocktail while you are relaxing at the pool, and a complete lunch with a bottle of water!  Treat yourself to a bottle of wine at lunch and voila the day is complete!