The world seems so far, far away … No cars allowed here. Bougainvillea and morning glory dribble off walls and terraces. White cement houses with enchanting patios decorate the hillside. The sapphire blue Mediterranean splashes against the shore.



Everything in the local market looks delectable and you want to taste it. An air of festiveness and pleasure permeates the air.I think I have found my heaven on earth!



We have stopped off at the island of Panarea on our sail through the Aeolian Islands between Sicily and Italy. I am instantly smitten with its charm. It seems to encapsulate all of the beautiful characteristics of Sicily and then some. I find myself swept up by the spirit of the island… I go for a drink on the gorgeous veranda of the Maya Hotel , see a waitress wearing sandals without soles and run to buy them for myself!




How wonderful are the small things you notice as you walk the narrow, steep streets… An old door with an enchanting drawing of a woman dancing…a deep blue door with a handmade tile telling you this is Villa Blu… a large terracotta vase embedded in the white cement wall of a patio…a quatrefoil iron grill on the ancient stone wall of a villa.


























I love the isolation and the sophistication all wrapped up in one , and tell my husband that this is where we have to live one day. He looks at me askance, but he knows I am serious.


Io sono innamorata!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!