Every once in awhile someone comes along with an ingenious new way to interpret some phase of interior design. I have been particularly impressed with the the design concepts produced by a talented New York City woman named Maki Yamamoto. Her whimsical fabric panels are composed of original patterns and textures which can be utilized throughout the house, as well as in commercial applications…and beautiful they are!

Originally from Tokyo, where she worked in the exciting world of fashion design, she has taken the concepts of couture fabric utilized for clothing and redesigned them for window treatments, wall panels, space dividers, wall hangings and bed spreads. Her business is named appropriately after her, MAKI YAMAMOTO, and her interior fabrics are both edgy and and classic at the same time.

Each piece she makes is custom designed and hand sewn for the individual interiors where they will be placed. The designs are organic and contemporary in feeling, and possess a sense of artistry unseen before. Through the use of ruffles, stitching and pleating the fabrics take on a third dimension that adds softness and texture to them.

I think the total look is so outstanding and unexpected. Although some of the patterns take on a more feminine feeling, there are many that are simply like drawings on paper and quite playful in nature.

The combination of materials is luxurious: silk organza, silk and metal organza, charmeuse, cotton, linen,wool and ribbon all intermixed in a chic and sophisticated way.

With pattern names like YANAGI, ENN, HOSHI, NIWA, SENSEN, SHIMA SHIMA, NIWA the fabrics take on an Japanese sensibility, but are definitely more edgy, energetic, and sexy than what you might conjure up as classic Japanese textiles. Plus, her color sense runs the gamut from vivid to natural.

Recently she produced a new collection employing the primitive shibori method of dyeing in order to exhibit her passion for the color indigo blue.

In YAMAMOTO’S own words she states, ” I was facinated by the primitive shibori method of dyeing…Unexpected patterns appear with the harmony of my own will, and nature’s will.” Her personal description of her creative process highlights the spiritual and hand made essence integral to her work that is very, very appealing to me.

If you don’t have large windows or high ceilings, ask her to make you a custom panel for whatever space that needs “dressing-up!” Or try some of her gorgeous silk pillows on your bed. The ruffles and pleating add an unbeatable elegance and femininity to the bedroom.

Here are two of my favorite executions of her fabrics…which one do you like best?

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!