Last April at the New York 20th Century Art and Design Show (see post) I came across the work of Hun-Chung Lee exhibited by R Gallery   and was stopped

in my tracks. His work was so “on top of the box”  that I have been meaning to write about him ever since then. So I am taking that opportunity to do so in today’s post and hope you will be inspired by his talent as much as I am.


First off,  you need to know that R Gallery represents and promotes 20th and 21st Century design and represents a long list of eminent historical and contemporary designers from that time period.  Aside from their deep dedication to preserving extensive archives of the history of design from this period, they are always on the outlook for designers on the cutting edge of design. Enter center stage, Hun-Chung Lee!


Hun-Chung Lee’s sculptural furniture alters hard cold surfaces  like steel, concrete and wood into elegant sculptural furniture, with the most amazing results. His glazed pieces appear layered and dripping in an unrefined manner which is totally alluring. He employs  traditional Korean techniques and uses a hand-fired kiln in order to give a sense of unpredictability and originality to the pieces.

AMAZING FACT:  The ceramic glazes  incorporated into his furniture were glazes originally developed  in Korea in the 15th Century!


Although Hun-Chung Lee’s furniture pieces are primarily sculptural in nature, they are also extremely functional at the same time. Chairs and stools really perform as chairs, desks really function as desks. AND his concrete  and ceramic pieces are as handsome inside a living room or outside in a beautiful garden.


The combination of unexpected materials is mesmerizing for me. The pieces of furniture are simple, but intense… colorful, but plain.

According to R Gallery, Lee is highly in tune with what he calls the “landscape of human beings” that will utilize his furniture. Add to this the sense of harmony between the colors and the highly contrasting materials incorporated into his designs and it is quite evident why his work is so appealing. You just want to sit on that stool, work at that desk…I think you get the message.


I’m in love with the benches and chairs and the ceramic glazes on them. AND I want that desk for my home office! Everything Hun-Chun Lee designs is truly dezignlicious !



note: All photos by Sherry Griffin courtesy of R Gallery.