Today I want to share a wonderful post written by my design associate, Adriana Canellas Groskopf, who hails from Puerto Rico. She called after attending this exciting exhibition by the artist RAFAEL TRELLES and was gushing to me about his fabulous artistic concept. Two minutes later I said, “Write it up for DEZIGNLICIOUS so I can share it with one and all!”

So here you go:

“It is interesting how you can get inspired at any moment in your life. Puerto Rican artist, RAFAEL TRELLES was cleaning his front sidewalk one day and suddenly this artistic genius started creating his latest Urban Design installation. Ask yourself, as he did, “What can one do with an old, dirty and moldy wall, or sidewalk or a floor?” LET ART UNVEIL ITSELF!


I recently met  Trelles at his exhibit in the Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico where I had an opportunity to talk with him about the Urban Graphic Project and to see some of his artistic creations. This incredible artist  decided to take his artwork a step further by using the simple medium of water and a dirty surface. Yes, beauty can be found in the beast!

Born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico, he began his studies of art with Catalan painter Julio Yort . Ever since he has traveled the world looking to bring a message through his work. “En Concreto” (In Concrete) , his urban graphic project, has been the focus of his work since 2004, and he has adorned innumerable sidewalks, streets, and murals of various cities within Puerto Rico, Argentina, Cuba and Portugal.

His graphic design technique is marvelous: first he creates his masterpiece as a plastic stencil, then places it on the dirty surface and finally, power washing it with water, giving the dirt and mold an amazing new role.


I have to say that this is pure genius in terms of artist technique. Plus it is an unbelievable inspiration to the world of architecture and design, as it provides new wall installations, sidewalk carpet designs, and concrete gardens …all great concepts…as well as encouraging the search for beauty in the day to day mediums we encounter. I would just love to see this at a renovated Alphabet City loft in NYC…instead of tearing that old moldy brick wall down, give it a new meaning!

Simply put, it’s recycling naturally dirty surfaces. Just love it!!”


Thanks Adriana for writing about this talented artist. Let’s bring him up to New York City and put him to work!!!

Ciao, ciao ’til next time!