I think we should start out the year with a post about a wonderful new product I unearthed quite by accident. On my last trip out to the West Coast, I was introduced to Rachel Lacy, a neighbor of my son and his family in Los Angeles. She is the creator of Drikolor, a totally new and fantastic way to make and mix paint colors…and I love this product.

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Having played in the interior design business for almost 30 years, one of my tenets as a designer is the belief that a great paint job makes a very big difference and is worth it’s weight in gold.  I always insist on hiring only the best painters available since there is no doubt that a great painter makes a major difference in the final results.


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I have tried everything from faux painting…which, I must admit, is effective in the right environment…and expensive European paints…which permit one to create a shellacked finish to walls and ceilings…as well as troweled finishes and the like on walls.  Now I have the opportunity to create with Drikolor!


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According to Lacy, all paints available in the market today use synthetic substances to create colors. Drikolor, on the other hand, utilizes natural pigments found around the world to create the colors in their palette.  Think of such exotic pigments as Champagne Chalk from France, Ochres and Umbers from Cyprus, Ultramarine Blue from Lazurite in Afghanistan, Bone Black from North America.  It all sounds pretty fantastic to me!


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Drikolor uses only the best quality materials to produce their richly pigmented palette of colors. Using these artisan pigments and combining them with other substances through their patented technology, they have produced paints with intense colors that can be used in home interiors, as well as on exterior walls of buildings made of cement and plaster.


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Not only are Drikolor paints  manufactured in such a fashion that they turn out to to be more economical than standard paints but they have also been given the blessings of several global organizations as safe for the environment.


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All of the pigments are packaged in simple, award winning white containers, surrounded by eye catching colorful packages.  These pigments are subsequently added to a base paint from a regular paint company recommended by Drikolor in order to guarantee the best results. The colors are guaranteed to be richer and stronger than ordinary paint and to react better with the different types of lighting in any room.


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Lacy and her team have given a great deal of thought to color theory and interior design theory which you can read about on  Their approach to paint is so much more scientific and intellectual  that it captivates your interest and you begin to wonder why someone hasn’t done this before. They have even developed a unique palette of paints based on Le Corbusier’s architecture and designs.  Now, we are talking absolute chic…paint with a historical design reference!


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Although, Drikolor offers several white colors, they emphasize using stronger colors to create interest in small places, such as hallways and stairways.  I’ve always believed that people who use white paints for their walls are just lazy or afraid of color. Truth be told, color pulls together the elements of a room, as Drikolor  so clearly states on their website, and white does just the opposite. Hmmm…something to ponder…


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I am really looking forward to trying out Drikolor paints in my next project.  BTW the company has a relationship with Dwell and has developed a whole line of paints with them.  However, you can buy any one of their products directly on their website and they offer great customer support to help you find your comfort level with their fabulous paints.

Viva la differénce…especially in paint!


Ciao, ciao ’til next time!