I happen to live near one of best spots on Park Avenue in New York City.  It is the site where the Fund for Park Avenue annually installs outstanding sculptures that fill up certain sections of the grassy median separating the uptown and downtown sides of the avenue with awe, inspiration and wonderment.


photo 2 (2)  park ave

“Waltzing Matilde” by Alice Aycock


This year, the talented artist, Alice Aycock,  is the sculptor cette saison, and she has created a series of truly awesome sculptures called “Paper Chase Park Avenue.”  Scaling heights of  18′ and widths of  70′ , with several pieces performing balancing acts defying gravity, the installation is composed of  white aluminum and fiberglass that has been twisted and folded and turned into fascinating creations. No matter what your business is for being on Park Avenue you have got to stop and take a good long look at Aycock’s work.


photo 2

“Twin Vortex” by Alice Aycock


Walking down Park Avenue, with umpteen number of people and cars zigging & zagging, it is always a great surprise to be pleasantly confronted by the spectacular art.  Aycock’s installation opened in March and will continue through July.  It runs from East 52nd Street to East 66th Street,  a section considered prime real estate in New York City. Seeing Aycock’s sculptures this year and the other fabulous art that has graced this area in years past (see post,) reminds me just how fabulous a city New York is.


Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 8.01.10 PM

“Maelstrom” by Alice Aycock


Only in New York would such bold pieces seem totally comfortable amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.  Aycock is a tried and true New Yorker herself …she actually lives in Soho…and has stated that her inspiration for “Paper Chase Park Avenue” came from tornadoes, drapery folds and dance movements. The unusual shapes for the final works were all generated by 3D computer drawings…very latest/greatest, no? The monumental size and the strong movement apparent in each piece is intended to symbolize the intense energy permeating the city at all times.


photo 4

“Spin the Spin” by Alice Aycock


FYI:  Alice Aycock has been a fixture in the modern art scene for many years and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.  Her career has included many major installations around the country, some not without controversy in the past.  Recently she has not been as  prominent in the art scene here in the States and this exhibition, funded by her dealer in Berlin, Galerie Thomas Schulte, and another Berlin investor, is a perfect opportunity for her to once again, diservedly, be in the public’s eye.


photo 1 (2)  park ave

“Cyclone Twist” by Alice Aycock


So, three cheers for Alice Aycock and her talent and vision! And three more cheers for the city of New York with it’s ability to always enhance the quality of life here by surrounding it’s citizens with art and culture that makes their daily existence so extraordinary!


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!