Hello design followers,  its Daniel reporting to you today as Gail is off at Design Bloggers Conference in LA.  I wanted to share a wonderful visit Gail and I had at an event sponsored  by MAD Museum held at the  Friedman Benda  Gallery in NYC recently, where

we got to meet one of our favorite studio artists, Wendell Castle.  In the interior design world the name Wendell Castle is synonymous with living sculpture.



Wendell, Gail and Daniel


Castle is touted as the father of the modern art furniture movement.  His works of art are not only to be observed but to be interacted with.  The works allow us to be intimate with them and engage with them in our lives much  as we would an old friend.  Castle’s rethinking of the relationship between the functional elements of a home and the sculptural edifices in a museum is quite brilliant. He believes that everything in our lives should be art and sculpture, including furniture.



Chair, Table and Lamp


Hand crafted out of wood, the pieces have a warmth and are imbibed with an energy that makes them very inviting.   I can image one of the chairs or benches going into an entry hall where it would receive constant use and would eventually weather into something even softer and more friendlier.





The dialogue continues as one interacts on a closer level with the sculptural pieces:  Fine details in the finishing draws your eyes in as you engage.  Alternating wood grains create a sophisticated  patterning covering some pieces that almost has a sensation of a modern textile or a woven basket.  Smoothly planed areas transition into a rusticated chipped areas adding dynamic interest and energy to the pieces.



Wood grain detailing


Textural detail


At the event Castle spoke to us about how he plays with our preconceived notion about what is a sofa or a bench or a chair. Placing a leg where a leg is not expected begins this process. Or perhaps a seat and table are cantilevered with buttress like supports.



Back of Bench or Sofa



Front of Bench or Sofa.



Desk with Chair



Gail and I always try and work in a piece of furniture from Wendell Castle in our projects.  It is our job to curate our clients homes in a livable way and his furnishings are perfect for that. One of our favorite stops in the design market here in NYC is Dennis Miller Associates,(see post)  which carries a home furnishing line from Wendell Castle.  The pieces have a gallery look with a more reasonable price tag for the upwardly mobile home of the day.


Coffee table at Dennis Miller



Take a look at your surroundings and see where you can bring a little sculpture in and check out Wendell Castle for his latest either in the showroom or at the Gallery.


wendell castle pic   DSC03401   DSC03400

TTYL (talk to ya later) Daniel