I had received an announcement that SEGUSO, that fabulous Murano glass company, was opening a new showroom at FORTY ONE MADISON ( see post). My curiosity was aroused immediately and I

quickly called up for an appointment.


Not only was I interested in seeing the fabulous chandeliers that SEGUSO was legendary for, but I was hot to trot to see the new furniture line being made by the company.  I knew it would be gorgeous and sophisticated and could just fill in that dezign gap for something fresh and unique that I am always looking for. Well, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.


A BIT OF HISTORY:  The family’s association with glass blowing dates back to the early 1600’s. The Seguso family is well known as a major contributor to the glass culture that emanated  out of Murano in the 1900’s. One of the most famous, Archimede Seguso, established Vetreria Archimede Seguso in 1948 and was later joined by his sons in the 1960’s. Today they are definitely considered one of the preeminent manufacturers of artistic glass lighting and interior accent pieces. Their superior products can be found under the following brand names: Seguso Viro, Vetri d’Arte, Seguso Interiors and Cenedense.


The  various brands have produced glass for the Vatican, numerous royal families, as well as such luxury brands as Swarovski, Armani, Frette, Fendi, Blumarine and Rolex.  They also are intimately associated with DONGHIA, which produces all of their upholstered pieces and they in turn produce all of the glass lighting and accessories for Donghia. The furniture pieces just blew me away in the showroom. Contemporary furniture  with traditional hand blown glass legs…so refreshing and unexpected.  I just adored them all!


There is no doubt that glass has a magical quality, and for my eyes, Murano glass lighting just does the trick in just about any interiors.  SEGUSO fixtures are true works of art reflecting only the very excellent of Murano glass design. The dezign range goes from classically traditional, to more contemporary, the latter being my true favorites.


There Cenedense line of glass objects beautifully complements the other SEGUSO products.  The look is au courant  with a totally contemporary look and includes vases, bowls, bottles, drink ware and assorted accessories. Everything is simply stunning and I was hard pressed not to purchase several pieces then and there during my visit.

My Seguso vase!



SIDE NOTE:  I couldn’t end this post without telling you that on my last visit to Venice a few years back my husband and I went to the island of Murano. After seeing a demonstration of glass blowing and then wandering through this humongous factory of glass chandeliers and vases, and bowls and innumerable other objects we ended up purchasing a SEGUSO vase.  Feeling pretty okie doke about that decision right now!