Talk about sexy hardware! Leave it to the French to produce one of the most beautiful new lines of hardware I have seen in a very long time.  I am passionate about gorgeous door knobs and cabinet hardware, and think of it as jewelry for the home. Unfortunately

it often gets the short shrift in many interior design projects.

A really fantastic door knob can elevate a simple door to new heights.  Trust me, it’s just like putting the right earrings on with that little black dress.

The company making this elegant hardware is called SERIE RARE. The company is located in Paris, and there is a real modern Parisian sensibility to the pieces.  The designer of the line is Daniel Podva, who is also an accomplished artist.The material is all bronze. The look is organic and classical. AND I adore it!

SERIE RARE makes door knobs and cabinet knobs, that they like to call “useful art.”  Every piece looks as if it was hammered out by hand by some French artisan.

Podva has taken classical shapes and styles  and redesigned them with his own nuances. The forms are simple, but elegant,  functional but luxurious.  They all  possess a wonderful sensuous element that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Everything in the line is available in an extensive variety of finishes…12 in all…from doré to cuivré with vert de gris  and chocolat thrown in inbetween.

The company has provided hardware for such illustrious hotels as the Hotel Crillon, the Hotel Palais Royal, the Hotel des Champs Elysées Plaza and several high end restaurants in Paris and Monaco. I would say that’s not too bad a provenance.

Podva uses the words ‘having the correct alchemy’ to depict how he sees his hardware enhancing the  interior design of a space. I would wholeheartedly agree with him. SERIE RARE hardware has a lushness and a sensibility that is just the right mixture of  originality and desirability  to make it a special addition to any room.

So put SERIE RARE on your ‘A List’ for go to hardware for those projects where going the extra mile…picking out all of the right small touches… is going to be appreciated and enjoyed.