A long way back I had read an article in Interior Design magazine about different cool stools.  Being the lover of odd objects…I truly believe they make the room unique…I had torn out a page with a fabulous ceramic stool designed by Reinaldo Sanguino.


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It turns out that a store called Property here in New York City has been selling these stools for a while so I guess my discovery was a little behind the design curve. However, it’s not your own personal discovery until you find it and fall in love  and such it was with me.


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I didn’t follow up with my “ceramic stool passion” at that time but, fortunately for me, I rediscovered Sanguino and his gorgeous hand made stools at the AD Home Design Show 2014 (see post) last spring.  I went head over heals when I walked past his space…there were at least 20 wildly painted ceramic stools to touch, sit on and talk to Sanguino about.


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Of course, I had to purchase one for myself as I had been thinking about how exceptional these stools were for so long…and what if I couldn’t find him again.  You know that ‘see it, want it, must have it’ moment.  This lady has very little restraint when it comes to things she falls in love with!


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It turns out that he comes originally from Caracas, Venezuela and headed up to the Big Apple after graduating from the School of Visual Arts Cristobal Rojas , where he studied ceramics. Aside from these fabulous ceramic stools, he has participated in numerous exhibitions across the United States and  his  pieces can be found in several major private collections.


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By now you must realize his work goes far beyond these delightful stools, which are all one of a kind and can be used outdoors or indoors.  They are colorful and playful in concept and you somehow feel as if you were sitting on a famous contemporary painting!


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Sanguino is also known for a series of black ceramic crowns he has made, that incorporate a great amount of detail.  I am not as familiar with the concepts behind these crowns but they are quite impressive to look at and also beautifully hand made.


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 4.43.35 PM


One great discovery is always the best , especially if it is unique and replete with exceptional creativity.  Now I need to make a date to see more of his work…I am totally curious about his other pieces! Will keep you posted if that opportunity arises.



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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!