Many Architectural Digest Home Shows ago …here in New York City…when I was prowling the aisles of this immense trade show looking for the next ” fall in love with” piece of furniture, I had the good fortune to pass by the space occupied by Studio Roeper.  It was definitely love at first sight, when I set my eyes on this elegant coffee table with gorgeous etched brass panels wrapped around a mysteriously dark colored wood.  It was outstanding and I racked my brain to think of a project I could use it for...I just had to purchase it for somebody!!!

As luck would have it, the designer was standing close by. His name was Florian Roeper and I was eager to make his acquaintance and delve into the how, whys, and wherefores of his wonderful furniture.

The look is definitely contemporary, but with a heavy artistic bent, which is what I love the most. The inspiration, according to him, comes from an assorted sources: art, architecture, graphic design,sculpture, geography, geology, Romanesque, Renaissance,Bauhaus, Modernism, Asian, travel,and the wood itself…that is a pretty diversified spectrum! He has his own signature etching which can be seen on the brass and copper sections of his furniture, and he selects native California hardwoods, such as Black Acacia, California Walnut, American Red Elm and Black Locust from salvaged trees to complete the beautiful symphony of each and every one of his designs.

Although I am wild for his coffee tables and small occasional tables, his benches are really unique and have an organic quality to them, which  oddly enough reminds me of crocodiles,  but in a good way, if you follow me …what do you think?  They are beyond delicious and  definitely not dangerous or endangered under his fine execution.

You can just smell the quality and originality of his furnishings…and there is no doubt in my mind that Florian is the real deal when it comes to artistic talent in furniture design.

P.S. For the record, I ended up buying the cocktail table and another small table for a wonderful client of mine in the Hamptons!


Ciao, ciao ’til Thursday!