There is nothing better than hopping on a subway train and hightailing it out to the ” NYC burbs” in search of a new source for art and furnishings. I’m not even sure how I heard about GALLERY GEN, but all I know is I am glad I have discovered their discrete location in Long Island City. Without a doubt their contemporary Asian art, ceramics, furnishings and other merchandise are all top of the line.

They represent many Asian artisans, and you will find their collection mesmerizing. One artists that has a broad spectrum of work shown at the gallery is Yoshiaki Yuki His work is powerful , and yet beautiful at the same time. His floor screens are phenomenal, and do not miss his large paintings. Everything is executed in silver and gold leaf accented with bright colors, or with red, black abstract symbols that have a strong Aisian aesthetic to them, and appear very modern at the same time.

There are also smaller works done by Yuki which are done on lucite. Several of these grouped together on a wall would make a real dynamic statement ….plus they are quite affordable…lots a bang for the buck!

One of my favorite finds was a series of silvered ceramic plates, trays, tableware, and vases. They are simply stunning and would make for excellent gifts…wedding, house, Christmas, or? I actually ended up buying an oversized vase for the office and a tray with a sugar and creamer that I sent as a wedding gift to a dear friend getting married in Puerto Rico.

You will also see on display a series of lacquered tables that reek Japanese hand crafted in the most positive way…and priced well to boot.

The hanging silk fabrics, which are to be used for art on the wall or room dividers are divine, and would offer a unique and unexpected artistic touch when installed in a room.

This “Tea Service”, a one of a kind ceramic grouping in bright blue and charcoal, was mystical and hard to resist. The combined elegance and simplicity expressed an aesthetic that made me fall instantly in love and start to ponder where I could put it in my house…

In addition, there was a grouping of hand cast ceramic plates hanging on the wall executed with a contemporary motif. The modern interpretation of classical Japanese lettering is delightful and would look handsome in small groupings of three or six hanging vertically in a kitchen or den.

This is definitely a gallery to check out, and the ride on the train is quite sublime…

Ciao,ciao ’til next time!