New York has been gloomy, wet and cold this winter so this dezign gal needed a little R&R  where the sun shines everyday to warm her bones up. Needless to say, every trip I take is an opportunity to

investigate  the nitty-gritty of the local design world which is pure heaven for me. So here I am in Cabo San Lucas at the very toney  Esperanza Hotel.


Picture 4


This place is a big ” dos pulgadas arribas,” i.e., two thumbs up, for elegance, amenities and serenity when it comes to hotels.  It was for that reason my husband and I chose it. We needed an intense detox from the Big Apple craziness and the  operative words were warmth and pampering.


Picture 7


Immediate Assessment: The room was worthy of picture taking…as you can plainly see. The view from the balcony of the Pacific Ocean was breathtaking.  The staff, and I mean more than one, was gracious and welcoming when we arrived and plied us with all sorts of treats and the most delicious frozen green margarita I have ever had….secret ingredients: cucumber and cilantro and Cabo Verde Tequila!


Picture 9


The spa facilities are simply divine, so naturally I immersed myself in a daily yoga class and one or two massages and beauty treatments! AND the food is right up there gourmet Mexican.  I quickly became addicted to a fabulous Mexican breakfast called Qaxaheños, which includes cooked cactus, a first time culinary experience for this little lady!




The weather this time of year is on the  breezy side, thankfully, and not too hot…high seventies is the limit, which is perfect for relaxing. AND there is the added treat of watching the whales  swimming and playing offshore, as this is their playground in February.


Picture 5


So tomorrow I am going to show you some of the cool things I unearthed  art/furniture-wise on a little shopping spree into Cabo San Jose, the sleepy version of Cabo San Lucas, the latter being a tad too touristy for my tastes.  They also have an art gallery and artisan section in San Jose where you can  tool around amongst lovely small stores displaying the talents of local and non-local Mejicanos.


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!