Out there searching the web for the new and unusual and happened on to the Milan Design Week site from last year. For those of us in the know, Milan has an outrageous design event that as an interior designer is a must visit ! It is due to happen again this April 11-17…which is why I want to post this bite now… and if you can get it together , I highly recommend going, even if you are not an interior designer. The show will fill you up  with the latest and the greatest in furnishings coming out in 2011.

One of last year’s Best Green Designs went to Rock Wang for an unbelievable line of furniture called “Cocoon Plan” from Yii Design in Taiwan. touted on the web site as the “best representation of ‘design by nature’ that we have seen so far…”.

I know that you won’t believe this but, Wang builds a form out of bamboo strips and then hangs the chair in the open air through a pair of large circular openings at the top. He then lets silk worms spin a cocoon around the bamboo form, and eventually the entire form is covered in  a soft, natural silk. This, my friend , takes some pretty serious planning ahead of time to even come up with the concept of making furniture in this fashion. But lo and behold, the end result is a stunning amorphic shaped chair that is completely green/ sustainable in structure and totally comfortable. And there is a sofa in the line too!!!!

The philosophy behind Yii Design comprises a mixture of  eastern philosophical concepts, and the revival of extinct traditional Taiwanese crafts  as a means of enriching  the environment . This pursuit is highly commendable, especially given the outstanding level of design coming out of this studio.

I have to give a hat’s off salute to Wang and the creators at Yii Design for their ingenuity and creativity !

One last cutie from Cocoon Plan furniture is this piece called theTwin Stool:

Ciao, ciao ’til Tuesday