Have been making my husband drive up and down the hilly, narrow roads of this exquisite island , and I’ve got to admit, there is next to zero in interesting furniture/ accessories shops.

This is a major disappointment to me being the design junky that I am. Somehow I think there is something to unearth and discover wherever one travels…that hidden gem that you unexpectedly fall upon which gets your juices flowing because you are so titillated about the discovery.

That’s not to say this island is shabby, as those who have been here know how beautiful it is , and how you can eat yourself silly at lunch between the pomme frites and the lobster or foie gras, shop to you drop, and then sit and watch a glorious sunset while drinking a delicious glass of French rosè…

However, the fickle finger of fate tipped in my direction one sunny afternoon as we were driving  up this ridiculously steep road  near our villa in Lorient and suddenly my heart skipped a beat as we passed a huge sign saying: ANTIQUES! We quickly did a 360 turn and pulled in.

The place is called MODERNISME GALLERY and the owner, Philippe Bosio, has traveled the world collecting the works of contemporary artists and other small masterpieces. The three galleries are simple buildings somewhat casually arranged by type of art. But the whole gestalt is laissez faire … no hype, no oversell, no blah blah…if you know what I mean. Philippe knows his stuff and knows what he has, so you either buy into that sell or not.


I need to list a few of the artists hanging on the walls or sitting on the tables and floor:

Chagall, Picasso, Botero, Lam, Giacometti , le Corbusier, Miro, Currin, Le Witt ,and the list goes on and on. There are also exciting  pieces of furniture to be seen in one of the galleries, and precolombian treasures and Asian artifacts and jewelry encased in assorted vitrines.


This stop was a major design fix … desperately needed after one week in the sun … my ‘dezigner’ sensory antennae were starving! His pieces are fabulous ,but do not expect to find any bargains here. Philippe has spent a lifetime accruing this exceptional collection and if you are willing to pay the fare, you won’t be disappointed.  So, cast your eyes on some of the fabu treasures to be found at this hidden away spot and let me know what you think!


Ciao,ciao. ’til Tuesday!

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Location:D209,,Netherlands Antilles