Alright folks, after a short hiatus I am back on the prowl.  Since we are now officially into the year 2013…the Year of the Snake for those tuning into the Chinese calendar…I think it requires a beginning post that just pushes that envelope and forces us to

wrap our brains around some highly unexpected furniture design.


The company I want to write about today is called Edra. If you are already traveling in the ultra contemporary furniture zone you are probably familiar with some of  the crème de la crème designers that are associated with Edra.




The company has a wonderful philosophy associated with their products: “Edra proposes original designs born of unprecedented union of tradition and innovation, craftsman and technology, inspired by a continuous quest for high performance, new forms, and new materials.” That is quite a mouthful, but it is taken quite seriously at Edra. The name “Edra”, incidently, is a derivative of the Greek word ‘exedra’ which means philosophical discussion. There are not many furniture companies that function from this point of view.





Here are a few of my top hits from some of the designers associated with Edra:

Francesco Binfarè: These are two of my favorites from Binfarè:  The Sofà Gran Khanis so very cool with it’s draped leather.  So original so clever, the inspiration being derived from  the tents of nomadic people in days of yore, where  hides and fur were scattered here and there. Kind of a romantic thought, no?

Sofa Gran Khan


AND  then #2, the  Flap “Sky Kiss” sofa is outstanding not only for its mechanism…the sofa is composed of different ‘flaps’ that you can raise or lower…but mainly due to the custom fabric covering on each one.  You do see the “Kiss” don’t you, and the ingenious “blonde” hair on the woman?


Flap “Fly Kiss”


Fernando and Humberto Campana:  One can’t discuss inspiring contemporary furniture design without including these highly talented brothers in the discussion. A while back I was titillated by several of their chairs in a gallery in Milano ( see post.) Here are two more pieces that just reaffirm for me their position on the “A” list :

The Jakarè is a combination of six different “creatures” that can be thrown over, around, behind…or however… each other to form this informal seating arrangement.  The “creatures” are all covered in different flavors of crocodile embossed leather, further giving the impression of some wild imaginary beast.  Too out there and wonderful!




The Works Chair is magically created out of 400 pieces of leather that are cut and individually attached over the frame.  It comes in many versions, but my favorite is the sleek, shiny gold leather. Another big WOW from the Campana Brothers!

Works Chair



 Masanori Umeda:  Originally from Japan, Umeda has one chair that I adore and have used in various design projects. It is called the Lily Armchair. This is one hot little baby! Upholstered in velvet and with a florescent green caster on the bottom, this small chair is comfortable and a great accent chair in just about any room.


Lily Armchair


Jacopo Foggini:
The Rigid Outdoor Chair designed in translucent polycarbonate is really gorgeous.  I love the idea of anything original in outdoor furnishings and this  chair definitely takes the cake in my book. It comes in all sorts of bright colors, which only adds to it allure.


Rigid Outdoor Chair



Have to throw in  two pieces of  cabinetry from Edra…both of these pieces give new meaning to the word “cabinetry” and both were designed by the Campana Brothers:




The first is called Cabana, and it is a basically a storage unit with five shelves inside and long strands of fire-proofed raffa covering the outside. It’s primitive look is the perfect foil for the sleek modern furniture Edra manufactures.  It seems so crazy and yet so sane all at the same time. Hooray for putting things out there that challenge our concept of what a piece of furniture should look like!




The second piece is called Scrigno. It is totally covered in laser-cut shards of brightly colored acrylic with a frame painted in a coordinating metallic paint. It is a stunning cabinet and you will definitely not see this coming and going.

I hope this little  overview of the excellenct furniture design being executed by Edra whet your appetite for more, because, in reality, these examples are but the tip of the iceberg.

Okay, we are off to a good start this year! I am thrilled that you are still aboard my magic carpet as we fly around the world searching for all things wild and wonderful in design for yet another fabulous year!




Ciao, ciao ’til next time!