What’s your opinion about STREET ART: Is it an artistic expression worthy of a museum exhibition or is it simply another display of urban blight? The crossover from  art in the streets to being considered real art  is a subject that received great attention this year with the sold out exhibition at  MOCA , called ” ART IN THE STREETS”. My opinion is

that it is probably both, but some of it is so outstanding for so many reasons it deserves an exhibition as a social indicator of the times, and big +++ for creativity and originality. but isn’t that what art is really all about?


The talented team behind A.S.V.P. has been creating  street art for eight years.  I was introduced to their talents at last year’s DESIGN ON A DIME and intrigue immediately. A fellow  designer used their fascinating posters as wallpaper with traditional furniture. It was a great statement of affirmation that their art belonged on the walls of rooms, and not only in the street.





Actually, their talents have been recognized for some time now, as they have had many gallery exhibits and displayed their paintings, murals and posters in several major cities in the world. According to the artists, their art expresses a break with their past training in graphic design and advertising, or the “Creative Matrix” as they call it, and a total freedom to incorporate their true artistic  expression in a multilayered use of mixed media, and strong colors, unexpected compositions, and often in unexpected places.



The work is all hand made, hand painted, hand printed and inspired by notable imagery from Western and Eastern culture and retro pop and advertising symbols. For years they pasted their posters with hand painted embellishments all over the city of New York which eventually led to other work of a similar nature in other American cities as well as places like Hong Kong, Zurich, Amsterdam and Varanasi, India. Recently they had an exhibit at THE BLACK BOOK GALLERY in Santa Fe, called “DOWN TO EARTH”, which featured 40silk screened pieces on paper and canvas. There are also plans for future an exhibit  in London in 2012. Looks like they are moving in the right direction!


FUNNY FACT:  No one knows  what  A.S.V.P. stands for…their names?…and the artists refuse to reveal this info.  A bit of intrigue always sweetens the pie!

Can you wrap your brain around this and be on the progressive side of art and give A.S.V.P. ART a big thumbs up, or??????  Me, I’m loving it!