I recently received an email from a company in the UK called Surface View which piqued my interest.  The company digitally produces quality customized

murals, prints, window treatments, lamp shades, window film and framed art out of historical and contemporary designs that one can purchase and easily install themselves…or not.


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The range of choice in the art work is really quite diverse. Many of the selections are funky and rather way out there, but then there is also a vast selection of historical patterns and art work that you can reproduce in any size you want and install on your wall.  When perusing the site I was amazed at the variety and selections being offered. Plus the site is interactive so you can easily visualize their products in many different applications.


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The genius behind the company is a man named Michael Ayerst.  Ayerst was an avid stamp collector in his youth and then followed this passion up with a career at Sanders of Oxford, a place where vintage etchings, maps and prints are sold.  Today he has reinvented this quest for finding unusual stamps and vintage images by creating a unique interior wall product produce with state-of the art technology.


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The concept is really quite unique and definitely decorative.  I imagine many a dull room enlivened with one wall pasted with any number of the wonderful and colorful murals.  AND if you choose to frame one of the more classic paintings and reproduce it an over-sized scale to hang on a wall it can be rather dramatic and effective.


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Think also of children’s rooms or a teenager’s room or a playroom…how fabulous would one wall be in some outrageous design!  Also love the mid century modern designs which would be  great backgrounds for all of that furniture that is the rage these days.


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I am thinking of adding something wild and wonderful to one wall in my new office. It is bound to liven up the look and catch the attention of my clients and other visitors…plus put a big smile on my face every time I look at it!


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Here is a video I found which shows the people from Surface View installing at a design event in London. In this instance they are using their unique product called “Textured Wall Film”  which can be installed directly onto brick walls. Ayerst sees this as a perfect solution to covering up public walls that have been defaced with graffiti and the like. Sounds to me like a perfectly wonderful solution…replacing graffiti with art!




So loosen up your dezign sensibility a tad and stretch your imagination into the world of Surface View and all of it’s fantastic products.  I’m sure if you think hard enough there is just that one space in your life that would benefit from a touch of zsazs from a Surface View product.


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Ciao, ciao ’til next time!