Imagine someone designs a classic utilitarian chair, 70 years ago, that became a staple for the US Navy in WW II in their submarines, and then 60 years later it turns into a piece d’ resistance of the famous modern designer, Philipe Stark. Hard to imagine the segue? Could there have been a Fairy Godmother hanging around somewhere in the background?



Well, there was no fairy godmother involved, just a few outstanding designers who jumped on board to help with the reinvention of   EMCO chairs. With a little ‘spit and polish and hard work, and great engineering , they managed to take a Plain Jane and turn it into a Cinderella! With some  more spins and twists the look has been recreated into outstanding  design statements by such notable designers as Stark, Ettore Sottsass, and Frank Ghery.That’s quite a good pedigree!









The metal chairs are made from from 80% recycled aluminum and it takes EMCO 77 steps to get to the final finish. The company swears the chairs will last for 150 years. Your children’s children will be passing these babies on. And did I fail to mention the chairs are a totally sustainable product?. They also make a plastic chair, manufactured out of 111 recycled plastic bottles. Now here is someplace I’d like to send my old water bottles…and it would definitely make me feel less guilty about all of the plastic in my life!






You must take a look at how chic these chairs  look in different settings. I think this will make your eyes open wide to their limitless possibilities for both commercial and residential applications. What I think is the best “dezign cocktail” is using these rather simple chairs mixed with high end  furnishings…really a touch of the unexpected!


Hotel Corniche

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

chair: Navy Bar Stool







Tokopola Modern Art Gallery

Fukuoka, Japan

chair: Superlight








Baccarat Headquarters

Paris, France

chair: Kong









DEZIGNTIP: Put these around a kitchen counter or as a desk chair with out thinking twice.I have bar stools made out of polished aluminum in my kitchen and they are truly fabulous, comfortable and I never tire of them.













Well the ball is over for today…